10 Hulog-Hulog Piso Games That Made Your Childhood Awesome (Part 2)

If you haven’t tried hulog-hulog piso when you were a kid, you’ve missed a big part of your childhood.
posted on: Thursday, July 3, 2014
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For part 1, !

Back when we’re kids, we would save our baon for something other than food.

Video games! I’m sure the 90s kids would relate.

We would play with 2-player video games with our friends in computer kiosks or hulog-hulog piso. There are two players available so you and your partner would each contribute money, makadaginot jud ka!

Anyway, here are some of the video games we used to play:

1. Battle City


I still remember when we would race towards the star-shaped power-up. Also, friendly fire is allowed in this game and can be annoying because your tank isn’t destroyed, it’s just immobilized for a few seconds.

In the end, it’s satisfying to have destroyed more tanks than your partner.

You can play it ! Just click the Play Now button.

2. Sonic


A lot of running on roller coaster-like obstacles and rings. Oh the rings! I wonder what Sonic would do with the rings.

3. Twinbee


Keep on shooting the bells to change its color and effect! You could also align with your partner to become a more powerful, single spaceship!

4. Gradius


Do you still remember the cheat to unlock the power-ups? Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A. It’s the classic .

5. Metal Slug


Heavy machine gun! I can’t even understand what ‘I’ means. It turns out it means ‘Iron Lizard’. I love the Metal Slug version where the final boss is an alien.

6. Adventure Island

Youtube | Endless Games channel

A fast-paced game where you need to dodge rocks, ride on a skateboard and brave your way through snails, snakes and octopuses.

Did you know that there is a that this NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) game is set in the Philippines?

7. Power Rangers


One of our most beloved show turned into a video game? How exciting could that be?

My favorite character will always be White Ranger.

Do you still remember the cheat to unlock their Ranger form?

8. Galaxian


The aliens look like bakukang (beetle) and I always thought they were beetles.

Oh the horror when these beetles start dropping towards you like kamikaze planes!

9. Aladdin


Who can forget this game? I love the movie and the song ‘A Whole New World‘.

Anyway, I love how Aladdin uses apples to stun his enemies. He also possesses parkour skills which he learned from Jackie Chan.

Also, Jafar is a really scary boss.

10. Duck Hunt


Are you like me who was confused at first how to play this game?

Apparently, you need a special controller to play.

Anyway, every time the dog laughs I just want to shoot him.

What are other computer games you’ve played back then? Just put it in the comments below!