10 Important Tips When It’s Your First Time Riding A Jeepney

All Pinoys must ride a jeepney. Even once. Doesn’t matter if you own a car.
posted on: Friday, October 17, 2014
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Are you late for your appointment but your car (social ha?) isn’t available?


Don’t worry, you can ride the almight JEEPNEY! (No, not the one in the picture, it’s a jeep!)

Did you know that jeepneys were invented from leftovers of U.S. military jeeps?

Anyway, if this is your first time riding the infamous transpo then let these tips guide you:

1. See this guy? If you don’t know what jeepney to ride, just politely ask him.


His name is “Barker”. Just tell him what the name of the place you’re going to and he’ll tell you what jeepney route you should take.

He might look dirty and smelly but he’s approachable!

2. If the barker/driver says the jeepney can accommodate 2 or more passengers, he’s lying.


Whatever number the barker/driver says, subtract it by 2 and that’s the number of passengers the jeepney can accommodate.

The driver is trying to squeeze as many people as he can for maximum profit! 

3. If you don’t know how much is the fare, ask a fellow passenger first.

Dennis Villegas via emmanuellegomez.wordpress.com

If you ask the konduktor or the jeepney driver they would usually overcharge you with a peso or two.

But hey, it’s a small fee to pay for your question!

4. If you’re a man or woman with long hair, TIE it back.

via Twitter

Anong pake mo sa long hair ko?!!

The wind blowing towards you will make your hair brush on your seatmate’s face and it’s annoying and rude.

If you don’t have a tie, just hold your hair until it’s time to leave.

5. If the jeepney is mostly empty, sit at the backmost part or the front seat next to the driver.

Facebook | Vin Diesel

As an etiquette, those sitting in the middle and the seat at the back of the driver become the ‘passer’ of other passengers’ fare.

The seat beside the driver or the backmost seat are the ideal spots for you to not become one. The front seat though, has no seat belt and is usually reserved for people with disability.

6. If you carry a large baggage, sit in the front spot, at the back of the driver.


Your baggage may block the way and stop other passengers from entering.

You don’t want to be scold by the driver, do you?

7. Don’t wear any jewelry! It not only attracts suitors but snatchers as well!


Inside the jeepney or outside, wearing any jewelry isn’t really advisable especially if you have to walk a considerable distance to reach your destination.

8. Always keep loose change to pay the fare.


If you know how much is the fare, pay it in coins so you don’t have to worry about the sukli. Sometimes, the driver doesn’t give you the change if it’s a peso or two.

9. As much as possible, refrain from using your phone.

Joe Galvez via Twitter

A snatcher inside or even OUTSIDE the jeepney could easily snatch it.

10. Most importantly, be vigilant of your belongings.


Pay attention of your seatmate’s appearance. Even if he/she doesn’t look suspicious, be mindful of your belongings.

Check your pockets all the time. If you carry a bag, wrap your arms around it and make sure the zippers are closed!

Riding a jeepney might be scary for first timers, but it’s generally a safe way to travel.

Enjoy the ride!