10 Important Lessons We All Wish The School Taught

How we wish our teachers would teach us how to not be late in meetings.
posted on: Friday, June 20, 2014
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School is a crucial part of our life. We learn a lot from elementary and high school, though there are many things that they should teach like:

1. Taxes and all other relevant paper work


Back when I was young, all I know about taxes is that it’s the government’s way of earning money from the sweat and blood of the Filipino people. It is good if it’s properly handled so people must pay taxes, even though some work to the point of risking their health just to earn money that’s even less than minimum wage.


But what the school system doesn’t teach us is how the money is used, how to file your income tax return properly without getting screwed and what other tips on how to save money.

2. Self-defense or how to use a gun

Ever seen an FPJ movie, where he is completely surrounded by a group of thugs and yet somehow manages to beat them?

Oh and this too.

Unfortunately, in the real world, it doesn’t work that way. If you are surrounded by ten beefy thugs, you are seriously in trouble. Also, bullets don’t work that way.


It would really be nice if schools teach us how to run away or teach basic techniques of disabling people or a least how to use a gun.

3. Financial education


You always hear this proverb: “Money can’t buy happiness”.

Technically, this is true but let’s face the reality that we need money. In fact, if I give you a million pesos right now it would probably solve most of your problems and put a smile on your face.


When I graduated from high school, I didn’t know a crap about how to manage my money, how to invest it properly and how I to secure my pension when I get old. I only hear pieces of advice from people who probably don’t know anything about properly handling money. Save for what? Save so your money gets devoured by inflation?

4. Relationship and how deal with cruelty of life


Media has brainwashed us that everything will be okay. That happy endings can happen if you will just be patient.

Sadly, life is not a freaking movie, anyone of us can die anytime.

Though it’s morbid to think that way but hey, imagine if you knew that you would die tomorrow? What would you do? Of course you would do anything that makes you happy.

Get married, repair your house or reconcile with your neighbor.

It makes you a better person realizing that you have borrowed time.


Most people get depressed about failures like when getting friend zoned or losing their job. It’s normal to be sad but some people can’t get through this phase which then becomes a problem.

The school should develop our mindset, condition it to overcome all the shit that life throws at us.

5. All about health and how not to fall for bullshit health supplements

The leading cause of death in the Philippines is .

It’s really good if schools should somehow teach students about the value of proper exercise and eating healthy and not just some stupid workout that P.E. teachers make the students do to punish them.


We also get bombarded by dubious health supplements. That we don’t need to exercise if we just take these capsules when they’re explicitly labeled: “No Approved Therapeutic Claims”.

The school should foster practical and low cost food (like vegetables) that could help us not get sick.

6. How to vote wisely


Many monkeys are elected in government simply because we are bedazzled by the politician’s sparkling TV commercials and eloquent speech (which he didn’t make). Schools should teach us how to scrutinize those who run in the election and how less stupid and corrupt they are compared to the other candidates.

7. That betting the lotto isn’t the only solution


Did you know that you have a higher chance of dying in a car accident while buying a ticket than winning the 6/49 lotto?

You have 0.0000000715% of becoming a millionaire while there’s always a car behind you while you buy a ticket. If you happen to win the lottery, then, you are a very lucky son of a bitch.

8. That becoming an OFW might not be a solution too


There are many opportunities here in our own country that most people overlook. You can start a balut business or work your way up in a big company such as Telcos and Napoles group of companies.

You can also join “reality” TV shows like Pinoy Big Brother and Survivor and then become an artista. There are many doors open for you here in the Philippines.

9. Choosing your career wisely


So you want to be a nurse? Too bad, there are too many nurses already. So stop pursuing your dream, choose a more practical and career like becoming a lawyer, call center agent, politician or learn technical skills to land a blue collar job abroad.

10. Sex Education because porn is not the best way to learn about sex

Let’s face it, most teens have already watched porn, with the easy access of the internet.



This is where it gets awkward. Sex topic is a taboo in elementary and high school. When would you want to be lectured about the birds and the bees? When you’re already pregnant?

in the Philippines is alarmingly rising. It’s obvious because schools don’t teach sex education. People are too shy to buy condom and teens are just too horny.

Our education system needs to be improved or else we remain in limbo.

We should start with ourselves – when’s the last time you didn’t sleep while your teacher was giving a lecture?