10 Internet Stuff That Those Born Before 1994 Can Relate

If you haven’t experienced using dial up internet or a diskette, you are very very lucky!
posted on: Thursday, April 10, 2014

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Time flies so fast!

and guess what?.

All those born since 1994 might not be able to relate to this article but those who were born before it surely will!

Come and join me as we reminisce all things about technology and internet in Cebu before the millennium bug almost made everybody go nuts.

1. Per Hour Rate

Then – One hour of internet usage is around one hundred pesos!


Now – You can already use the internet for as low as one peso in “hulog piso” internet machines!


2. Printing Rates

Then – There was a time when I paid more than five hundred pesos for just printing a bunch of clip arts from Microsoft Word.


Now – Black and white printing can go as low as one peso while colored ones are around five pesos per page.


3. Saving files

Then – You save your files and bring it with you through a diskette. You can’t even save more than 20 high definition images. LOL!


Now – We use USBs or cloud file storage.


4. Internet Speed

Then – In one hour, you might not be able to load one web page completely.


Now – It will only take seconds to open one web page.


5. Type of Internet Connection

Then – Dial Up


Now – DSL, Cable, Fiber Optics, Mobile Internet


6. Graphics

Then – As kids, we were already amazed by the highly-pixelated characters in computer games.


Now – The graphics are so smooth that computer game characters already look like real humans!


7. Chatting

Then – We used to say “Hi! CTC?” or “ASL” in mIRC. LOL!


Now – Almost all social media websites have a chat interface already. Thanks to Yahoo, Facebook or Skype, we don’t say “ASL” that often anymore. Hahaha!


8. Email

Then – Eudoramail, Lycos and Lovemail,


Now – Gmail and Yahoo Mail


9. Browser

Then – Netscape Navigator 1.0 and IBM WebExplorer


Now – Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome

screenshot of my browser

10. Personal Computer Design

Then – Bulky CPU and monitor


Now – Sleek design of CPU and monitor


To all the millennials out there, aren’t you glad you were born after diskette and dial up internet was widely used?

To all Gen Ys and Zs, did you feel nostalgic after seeing the list?

Which of the items did you miss the most?

Feel free to hit the comment section below and let us know how your internet experience in the 90s went.