10 Internet Stuff That Those Born Before 1994 Can Relate (Part 2)

Technology really sure have come a long way.
posted on: Saturday, May 17, 2014
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There are a lot of good memories when the Philippine internet was still at its infancy stage.

In these modern times, let’s all remember the good old internet days, especially if you’ve experienced a first-hand account of technology’s progress.

In case you missed part 1, here’s the .

1. Payment System

Then – Prepaid load and dial-up, and oh expensive it was!


Now – Most internet connections are postpaid and (by Philippine standards).


2. Web Design

Then – Cluttered and blue links everywhere. The good ol’  Angelfire and geocities days.

topdesignmag.com, yahoo.com’s old homepage

Now – Sleek, with auto-refresh features. Also, no more Times New Roman font.

venturebeat.com, Mark Zuckerberg’s facebook profile

3. Photo editor

Then – Paintbrush, you can draw lines, circles and other geometric shapes. I can’t even recall if you can resize pictures.


Now – Photoshop has it all. Now everyone can become beautiful through photo manipulation.


4. GUI (Graphical User Interface)

Then – It didn’t exist at all in the MS-DOS era.


Now – Windows 8 now has tiles with its new metro design (If you don’t like it, you can disable it).


5. Installing Software

Then – You have to buy a diskette and CD installers (the era of product keys).


Now – Download from official sites or torrent (*smiles*).

g4tv.com, steam by Valve

6. Watching Videos

Then – Do you remember back then when you use your car rewinder to rewind VHS tapes?


Now – Youtube has almost every video you can think of (except porn).


7. Video Gaming

Then – We were confined to offline games, worse if you just had solitaire and minesweeper in your PC.


Now – Online games allow people from different parts of the world to interact with one another.


8. Internet medium

Then – Internet connectivity is exclusively on PCs.


Now – We have smartphones, tablets and even TVs can now access the internet.


9. Connectivity

Then – A large bulk of wires and octopus connections.


Now – Wifi!


10. Advertising

Then – Traditional method was through newspapers, TV and radio.


Now – Internet advertising is the new mainstream.


Old school internet stuff are great to reminisce, but our internet now is a million times better. What about you, what great memories do you have?