10 Kinds Of ‘Bwisitas’ We All Want To Kick Out

Be sure to know your guest well or else you’re gonna have a bad time.
posted on: Friday, December 12, 2014
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We all have a fair share of irritating experiences when it comes to houseguests, like those distant relatives who suddenly pop out of nowhere. We are hospitable, but it has it’s limits.

How did these “bwisitas” manage to anger you? If they did these things, it’s time to kick them out.

1. Guests who invite uninvited friends and relatives.

“Oh, I am invited? Wait, just hold on, I’m gonna call my brother… And his friend… And his cousin… And his cousin’s wife so we all could go and eat your house!”


Typical Pinoy. Tsk, tsk, tsk. On the other way round, it’s actually quite gracious compared to invite-only parties held by other cultures like [censored ’cause they might get offended!].


2. The Refrigerator Cleaner

You may be surprised when you open your fridge and what greets you is… nothingness.


Where’s the food? The pitcher? The left over chocolate?

Well, guess what? Your guest has consumed them all! This ‘bwisita’ will usually scour your refrigerator when no one’s around, especially during the night when everyone’s asleep.


3. Guests with no use of legs.


They don’t even walk just a few meters to put their plates to the kitchen sink. Oh, did they use your nail cutter? Too, bad you won’t find it back in the cabinet since they left it somewhere! It’s as if their butts are superglued to the chair. Hayz!


4. Guests who swallowed a loudspeaker.

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They aren’t deaf but when they talk, it’s like the sound they make would cause an earthquake. Please, don’t let them know that you own a Magic Sing or else…


5. The Feelingeros


They feel like they OWN the house. They would enter every room as long as it isn’t locked. If you have this kind of houseguest, be sure to lock your cabinets and your room.


6. Entitled Guests


They WON’T show it to you, but if you happen to eavesdrop they conversation, you would hear them saying:

“They’re treating us like we’re just katulong!, we should definitely leave by tomorrow!”


7. The Pabigat


They’re literally just freeloaders. They won’t help you clean the dishes, leave their bed in mess and eat all your food.

Let me ask you: did you feed them well?


8. The Sneaky Thieves

After thanking you for letting them in and leave, you’ll notice that one or two things are missing in your house – probably your jewelry or your underwear. Be sure that you have their phone number!


9. The Ambusher

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After they have exploited your kindness, they would ambush you with a favor: “Can you lend me some money?”

How would you react?


10. The Toilet Bowl Clogger


This is probably the worst one. He’ll eat most of your food during mealtime, and still not being content by it, he’ll clog your toilet! He doesn’t even mind using the plunger. He’ll just leave his giant stink bomb to the care of the house owner.

What a guy!

Kick out na!