10 Kinds Of Vendors You Can Find Along The Streets Of Cebu

You’ll never get hungry wherever you are in Cebu. Just make sure your stomach can handle what these street vendors sell!
posted on: Saturday, August 23, 2014
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Hungry? Fret not!

When you’re in Cebu, you’ll never leave with an empty stomach because street foods are always available on every corner of the streets 24/7!

1. Tempura and Fish Ball Vendor

ChickenQube via definitelypinoy.blogspot.com

Ah! The ubiquitous tempura and fish ball. They’re like a married couple – most tempura stands also sell fish ball, probably because they’re both made of fish.

Which one do you prefer, tempura or fish ball?

2. Taho Vendor


A childhood favorite. Manoy taho vendor usually appears early in the morning when the rooster still crows.

When’s the last time you tasted this dessert?

3. Hot Cake Vendor


Avail it while it’s still literally !

Hot cake vendors usually sell juice (comes with a variety of flavors) too!


4. Unripe Mango Vendor


Add salt or hipon for extreme yumminess! Or if you’re hardcore, you can eat it without condiments!

5. Cue Vendor

Banana cue and camote cue for snack:

Sidney Snoeck

and barbecue for supper (don’t forget your puso!):


6. Grilled Corn (Inanag nga Mais) Vendor

Sidney Snoeck

It’s definitely worth a try. Grilled corn tastes good!

7. Siomai Vendor


Siomai sold in streets usually costs 4-5 pesos. This dish is very popular in Cebu.


For me, siomai tastes like beef loaf…

8. Chicken Vendor

Crispy Chicken:


Who doesn’t love crispy chicken? Well, you don’t have to go to your favorite fast food restaurant to taste one!

A single order of crispy chicken is typically accompanied with patis as sauce. Crispy chicken stalls also sell puso to complete your dinner.

Lechong Manok:


Much more affordable than lechong baboy. Lechong manok is usually served during birthdays, but you can also serve this even without a special occasion.

9. Peanut Vendor

There are two types of peanut vendors.

One is the raw/boiled peanut vendor:


The other one is the roasted peanut vendor:

Sidney Snoeck

Both are equally appetizing for me, but I’m biased towards roasted peanut since I’ve been eating it since kindergarten days.

10. Balut Vendor

Connie Veneracion | feastasia.casaveneracion.com

They say eating balut helps strengthen your knees. Some also say it’s aphrodisiac.

Protip: Eat balut at night on a dimly lit corner of the street so you can’t see the horrendous bird embryo!

You’ll never get hungry wherever you are in Cebu.

Just make sure your stomach can handle these dishes!