10 Most Badass Pinoy Superheroes

Back off, Justice League and Avengers, Pinoy superheroes are here to save the world.
posted on: Monday, May 26, 2014
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We Filipinos may be fond of Western superheroes with their fancy costumes and heroic deeds.

But, we also have our fair share of our very own pinoy superheroes.

We might not get that hollywood quality superhero films, but these guys can be nothing less of a badass.

10. Ipo-Ipo


He is presumed to be the first true Filipino comic book superhero.

Most people may never heard of him but being the first superhero makes him a badass.

As his name suggests, he can turn his body into an ipo-ipo (whirlwind), allowing him to move at extreme speed and making bullets pass through his body.

9. Agimat


This superhero role has been passed on from generation to generation by the Revilla clan.

First portrayed by Ramon Revilla Sr., Pepeng Agimat uses the power of his agimat (amulet) to fight the evil forces.

Since then, his son Bong and grandson Jolo hadve already portrayed the eponymous superhero.

Will his agimat save Bong Revilla against the ombudsman in the recent pork barrel scandal? Abangan ang susunod na kabanata….

8. Extranghero


If Flavio forged a dagger from a meteorite, Botong (Andrew E.) was literally struck by one.

And as expected, the meteorite gave him superpowers.

What makes him more badass is that George Estregan is his mortal enemy.

7. Pedro Penduko

Pedro has no superpowers yet he can take down any powerful foe.

Comedian Janno Gibbs has the best portrayal of this cowardly badass (Pinoy Big Brother housemate Matt Evans has also portrayed this hero).

Well, who can blame him for cowering if he’s forced to fight against numerous Philippine folklore monsters such as Tikbalang and Kapre?

6. Lastikman

Back off, Mr. Fantastic, ‘cause Lastikman is here to rock the town! He wears a checkered suit and possesses the ability to stretch his body like a rubber and turn into any shape at will.

Lastikman is best remembered being portrayed by Vic Sotto as a boisterous superhero who can turn any serious fight into comedy.

Other actors who portrayed Lastikman are Mark Bautista and Vhong Navarro.

5. Enteng Kabisote


Vic Sotto’s most famous portrayal, Enteng Kabisote fell in love and married a fairy and thus his adventure starts (at first in television), and could possibly go on as long as Vic Sotto is still alive (don’t worry about his fairy wife, she changes appearance every other installment).

That’s how badass he is. Here’s a list of his neverending adventure to protect the kingdom of Engkantada:

1991 – Okay Ka, Fairy Ko

1992 – Okay Ka, Fairy Ko II

2004 – Enteng Kabisote: The Legend

2005 – Enteng Kabisote 2: The Legend Continues

2006 – Enteng Kabisote 3: The Legend Goes On And On And On

2007 – Enteng Kabisote 4: The Beginning Of The Legend

2010 – Si Agimat At Si Enteng  Kabisote

2011 – Enteng Ng Ina Mo

2012 – Si Agimat, Si Enteng At Si Ako

4. Darna

“Ding, ang bato!”


Who can forget the sexy yet intimidating superheroine, her younger brother who passes her a magic stone and her archrival who has snakes for hair?

Darna is our own version of Wonder Woman but her dazzling red costume is inarguably the more impressive one.

She possesses super strength, can fly and her bracelets deflect bullets.

Darna has been portrayed by numerous famed actresses such as Vilma Santos, Angel Locsin and Marian Rivera and a hit song was written for her.

3. Captain Barbell

Herbert Bautista’s portrayal of Tenteng as the skinny alter ego of Captain Barbell (portrayed by Edu Manzano) left a lasting impression to the Filipino viewers.

The stark contrast between Tenteng and his alter ego made him an interesting superhero.

Captain Barbell has somewhat unique source of power – a magic barbell.

What made him exciting is that he shares the same universe as Darna.

This superhero series has also spawned two television series starring Richard Gutierrez.

2. Panday

The blacksmith.

His name might sound bland when translated in English but Panday is the most popular Pinoy superhero.

Created by the famed comic book writer Carlo J. Caparas, Flavio, more popularly known by his title Panday, forged a dagger from a magical meteorite that transforms into a sword when he raises it to the sky.

Portrayed by none other than Fernando Poe Jr., Panday is the ultimate Filipino superhero that captured the hearts of the masses.

1. Leon Guerrero


Lito Lapid first donned the Leon Guerrero attire some 40 years ago but the superhero to out-badass him is yet to appear.

He has no superpowers but he’s more badass than Chuck Norris and he can kill his enemies with ease:

Pero ‘wag mo lang siyang kausapin sa Ingles, baka itumba ka niya:

 Who’s your favorite Pinoy superhero? Just say it in the comments below.