10 Most Bonggang Cake Designs In History

People just can’t have enough cake in their lifetime, let alone the most bonggang bongga.
posted on: Saturday, April 26, 2014
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Designing a cake is no easy task. It is an art comparable to painting.

Let’s take time to appreciate the brave ones who produced the most bonggang cake designs in the whole wide world for us to enjoy.

Tara, let’s eat the cakes (but don’t finish them fast)!

10. Game Over! Cake


And the game’s over! Perfect for video game enthusiasts. To remind them of its ill effect. If you are married, don’t let your wife make you choose between her and Dota. That’s why I told you so, don’t marry early (like me)!

9. Fast Food Cake


If you love the jolly red insect mascot or the clown one, then you might love this cake design. These guys have a talent, just look at those french fries on top of a hotdog and on top of  a hamburger! Do be afraid to gain weight, take a bite now!

8. R2D2 from Star Wars

flickr, photo by n_rdflickr

Any Star Wars fanatic would definitely love this cake. R2D2 featuring miniature Hans Solo and Princess Leia. Hey, it’s almost May the 4th so why not have one made for your geek friends!

7. Disney Cake


With princesses on top of cupcakes, this cake takes A LOT of patience to bake. But it’s worth the pay, just look at that bonggang – bonggang Disney design! You never know, it might also have fireworks coming out of it. . .

6. Super Hero Cake


Every boy’s dream cake… but maybe the kids won’t eat their favorite superhero. I’ll just try the Hulk or Batman. What about you, who’s your favorite super hero? Don’t be shy, unleash the child in you.

5. WALL·E anyone?

flickr, photo by donbuciak

Who doesn’t love this cute robot? Ooo, just look at his apologetic eyes! The cake design makes me reluctant to eat this one but it surely looks yummy. WALL·E, here I go!

4. Octopus Cake


Just look at this cake. Very realistic, isn’t it? Yeah, it’s scary but when you take a bite on this one, you’ll surely get mixed emotions. Also, this cake weighs 2oo POUNDS! Baked by Karen Portaleo from Highland Bakery, this cake is a boss!

3. 1980s Themed Cake

by reddit user voodoobillypug

What a very impressive cake. There’s a Rubik’s cube and the carnivorous plant from Mario, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, this cake is full of nostalgia. How hard was baking this cake? If you were born before the year 2000, then this cake’s might be for you.

2. Towering Fruit Cake

by reddit user UberPrioritizer

What happens when the baker loves fruit so much? This is one hell of a cake. Just don’t give in to temptation because this one is a tower that can cause diabetes. Not a single fruit is real, they’re all sugar. Send the baker my regards because this cake has my two thumbs up.

1. A replica of the bride


Bongga, or creepy? Yes, this cake is outrageous but if you really love your wife, why not make a replica of her? Just make sure to make it not look like this one. Hire the best baker and make the replica more beautiful than your wife. I wonder how the couple felt when they started slicing this cake.

How about making the photos of the cakes you saw above as inspiration for your wedding or birthday cake?

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