10 Most Common Scenes You’ll See During Simbang Gabi

I know everyone of us has attended Simbang Gabi and have seen these things.
posted on: Wednesday, December 17, 2014
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It’s that time of year again! Simbang Gabi is a Filipino tradition in anticipation of Christmas Day. How excited are you?

Just let me list down the 10 most common scenes you’ll notice when you attend the Simbang Gabi.

1. Church adorned with Christmas tree and lights


Does the Church receive discount from their electricity bills? Probably. Just look at how magnificent their Christmas lights are!


2. Oversupply of churchgoers


Are you on time for the mass? Too bad you won’t fit inside the church since everyone else in the barangay is attending the mass as well. My non-catholic acquaintance says that Catholics only go to Church if there’s a special occasion. I believe he might be true.


3. People bringing chairs and fans


A follow-up on the previous one, you better bring your own chair and fan since you can’t get inside the Church!


4. A parade of gangstas


The gangster culture in the Philippines is really widespread and gangstas go in groups when attending the mass – which really makes it more exciting. Just don’t mind their ridiculous outfit, they need to pray for protection when turf wars happen.


5. Street vendors everywhere


Vendors usually grow in number during Simbang Gabi. They may cause traffic but hey, they’re just in there to make a living!

Balloons anyone?


6. Chinitos and chinitas everywhere


Or maybe they’re not? You just can’t see their eyes open because they’re sleeping during the mass.


7. Mandatory deed: Bibingka for breakfast


It’s a tradition that bibingka should be served during Christmas, especially after being ‘bored to death’ by the mass. Since Simbang Gabi is usually ended at 6 AM, bibingka serves as breakfast for the grumbling stomachs.

It’s Christmas indeed for bibingka vendors!


7. Churchgoers in uniform


It’s like attending a cosplay convention! Anyway, these churchgoers are ready to go to school/work after the Mass is ended. Kugihan ang bata!


8. Candlelighters in the backstage


These people opt to not join the mayhem and just solemnly light a candle. It’s easy to do and doesn’t take a long time. I prefer this method.


9. New shoes


Check the churchgoers’ shoes out. No, they’re not old and just shined with Kiwi, they’re new. A gift from their ninong. Check your shoes, are they new? I bet they’re new.


10. You.


Yeah, you. I’m 100% sure that you’re attending Simbang Gabi. You also might see the same people every Simbang Gabi since you and they are trying to complete the 9 masses to have your wishes granted. Well, good luck!

May you have a very merry Simbang Gabi experience!