10 Most Inappropriate Time To Take A Selfie. Number 3 is shocking

These people can either be so dumb or so awesome.
posted on: Sunday, June 22, 2014
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Yeah, it’s the selfie era. People go crazy about taking their selfie anytime, anywhere.

We all know that one time when you took a selfie while relieving your bowel. It was dumb and embarrassing right?

Well, these people took their selfie to a more ridiculous level:

1. Keep calm, this might be your last ride

funny plane selfie


2. When you’re an akyat-bahay and trying to rob a house

selfie in the house


3. Behind a hungry camel

camel devours girl while taking a selfie


Make sure to tame the animal first, like this:

taking a selfie with a giraffe


Or this guy:

selfie with a lion


4. No, this isn’t what you think you are seeing…

optical illusion


5. When you’re attempting to take the best selfie but someone outdo your work

best selfie


6. A shark is about to eat me whole? Better take a selfie.

selfie girl with shark


7. When you still haven’t put on your pants yet

butt selfie


8. Don’t underestimate cute animals, you might get rabies

chipmunk selfie

reddit | supplenupple

9. You better don’t follow this daredevil

russian daredevil


10. Or this guy…

taking a selfie while being chased by bull

Flickr | Derrek Barlow

Always take precautionary measures when taking a selfie.

You wouldn’t know if it would turn out hilarious or dangerous.