10 Movies You Should Watch This Holy Week

Prepare the popcorn and drinks!
posted on: Tuesday, April 8, 2014

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I am pretty sure by next week, you will have a lot of free time. No work. No traffic. There’s just pure and plain ordinary days ahead of you during Holy Week, if you’ll allow it to be.

It will be a great time for hosting movie marathon sessions with your friends and catch up with them if you seldom see each other.

Speaking of Holy Week and movie marathons, let me give you some suggestions on what flicks to watch if you haven’t got any clue.

1. The Ten Commandments


No Holy Week in the Philippines would be complete without airing one of cinema’s greatest movies of all time, Cecil DeMille’s The Ten Commandments. This is perfect to watch on Good Friday.

2. The Passion of the Christ


Whether you like Mel Gibson’s adaptation of how Jesus Christ went through before he died as a man, there’s no denying that this movie is worth watching.

3. Joseph King of Dreams


This movie shows us the power of dreams and that a man with a good heart is destined for something great. From being a servant, Joseph became second in command to the pharaoh of Egypt. Should you want to watch something that would inspire you, this movie is perfect for you.

4. Jesus of Nazareth


This movie by Franco Zeffirelli is a classic! Robert Powell’s portrayal of Jesus has led to the definition of Jesus Christ’s visual images in movies or other art forms.

5. The Prince of Egypt


If you want a modern adaptation of Moses’ life story, then you should watch The Prince of Egypt by DreamWorks Animation.

6. End of Days


Do you wanna feel doomed because the end of the world is near or do you wanna watch Arnold Schwarzenegger (with not-so-big muscles yet) fight the Devil in the hopes of saving mankind? Then this flick might just work for you.

7. The Omen Trilogy


I absolutely love this trilogy! Fantastic cinematography! The soundtrack of the first movie is so creepy and so is the look of Damien Thorn as a child. You better watch all three movies!

8. Quo Vadis


If you’re a sucker of fantastic cinematography and musical scoring just like me, you should put Quo Vadis on your list as one of the movies you should watch before you die. The movie is about the life of the Christians in the Roman Empire during the reign of the infamous Emperor Nero.

9. The Da Vinci Code


I will never forget this film. I was inside the seminary studying for my nursing licensure exam when the movie was played in cinemas. There was no way I could watch it.

The exams came and I waited for the results, which was the hardest thing in the world to do. I frequently went to church and attended mass while waiting then at one time, a certain Monsignor “ordered” all the mass attendees to kneel because the mass attendees could have watched the blasphemous movie.

Guess what? I haven’t seen the movie but he still made me kneel. Hahaha!

It only rekindled my curiosity about the movie. I decided to watch it for the first time and guess what Monsignor? My faith in Jesus Christ never did wane!

10. Angels and Demons


The movie gives us an idea on how the Vatican would look like from the inside and the dark forces that would want to take control of the world. From the scandalous murder of the pope to the infamous rescue of Rome from complete oblivion,  I can say that Dan Brown really knows how to make a good story. In case you don’t know, his books are a work of FICTION so please don’t overreact and just enjoy reading or watching the movie.

I am very sure that I will be watching The Ten Commandments in local TV and The Omen trilogy because I have all three VCDs.

What will you be watching on Holy Week?