10 Nostalgic Things We Miss From Our Childhood

Do you still remember your first pet? What about your old neighbors? There are simply many things we’ve enjoyed during our childhood days.
posted on: Thursday, June 26, 2014
Kevin Maglinte
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You miss childhood, admit it. We all go through that phase of life when we’re still young, wild and carefree. As the formula goes:

Child: has time, energy but no money

Adult: has energy, money but no time

Old: has money, time but no energy

Anyway, let’s just savor the things we used to do when we’re young like:

1. Watching cartoons every Saturday.


I still remember watching Darkwing Duck and Dexter’s Laboratory back when I was in elementary. Saturday was the best day for me.

2. When you heard someone shout “TAHOOO!” and you immediately run to your mother and asked for money.

Flickr | diamonds_in_the_soles_of_her_shoes

Tag tres nga taho akong naabtan. The taho guy always came early in the morning when the roosters still crowed.

3. When you used to hide behind the couch when watching horror movies.

Youtube | Curse of Chucky

Remember this doll? I was glad when he died in the movie but then he appeared again in the sequel.

4. When your handheld game was still called Brick Game.


Who doesn’t like this easy-to-learn video game? Tetris for the win!

5. The first time we faced the needle.


Even Goku is afraid of syringe! It’s so painful even by just thinking about it.

6. Playing with your childhood best friends.

Flickr | Rey Villegas

Are you still in touch with your childhood best friends? I lost contact with mine and I can no longer remember their names.

7. Pretending your toys were alive and talking to each other.


We also made dialog for them and choreographed their fight! Or if you prefer Barbie, you held a doll fashion show!

8. Saving spare coins in your bamboo alkansya.


Who taught you how to save money? My mama told me that if I wanted the school bag with wheels, I needed to save money to buy it.

9. Bonding with lolo and lola.


Our grandparents are great advisers. I would always remember when they visited us, we would ‘bless’ them (putting their hand to your forehead) and then talked about anything, from war stories to how our parents acted when they were kids.

10. Learning how to ride a bike.


I still got my scar when I fell down trying to learn. By the time I learned to bike a few meters without the aid of training wheels, I was ecstatic.

What do you miss most from your childhood? Share it in the comments below!