10 Obvious Reasons Why Garlic Price Has Increased

Garlic is a basic commodity. Why has its price increased? It’s really obvious why.
posted on: Sunday, June 29, 2014
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Filipinos love rumors. Sometimes, rumors become the ‘fact’ that people believe.


Garlic price hike has prompted some rumormongers to weave fascinating reasons why our favorite flavoring is now an expensive commodity. While investigation is still going on, these speculations aren’t proven yet.

Why did the garlic price increase? Here are the possible reasons:

1. Rain dampened old warehouses


The recent rains brought about by LPA dampened old warehouses which are used to hoard tons of garlic. This caused a lot of garlic to rot and become unfit to eat. Garlic hoarders are now actively seeking to get back lost profit.

2. Too many middlemen


A middleman is a seller who is in the middle of the producer and the retailer. The more middlemen the garlic is sold to, the higher its price gets.

Now the question is, why are middlemen targeting garlic?

It’s because…

3. Garlic is the new gold

Businessmen are prepping garlic to become the new gold since it has real value compared to gold.


Garlic can be used to enhance the flavor of food and cure some illnesses and discomfort while the only primary use of gold is to be turned into jewelry. Gold is only precious while people still see it that way.

4. Monopoly is crumbling


A certain  is the “Napoles of garlic and onion” and is now facing the court for scam allegations. If this is true, her syndicate is crumbling so most of her henchmen are making sure they still make a profit before their syndicate fully dissolves.

5. China is limiting its supply to the Philippines


is one of the world’s top producers of fresh garlic and we’re at verbal war with China. Limiting the enemy’s food supply is a basic war strategy.

6. It’s back to school


Of course garlic vendors want more profit to sustain their children’s school expenses. Now that tuition fee has increased along with oil, it’s hard for these vendors to maintain a stable price.

7. Election is near


Politicians need some extra cash this coming election so cartels are trying to make extra profit to bribe their politician friends.

8. Truck ban


It’s hard to transport large volumes of garlic when trucks are banned. It’s a kind of silent protest from truck operators who don’t want to make a buzz like what those jeepney drivers did.

9. To distract us from the PDAF controversy


Senators Bong and Jinggoy’s cable TV is certainly coming and they don’t want their news riddled with their faces. Paying the garlic vendors to increase their product’s price is as easy as changing the TV channel.

10. To ward off vampires in the Senate


This is the most obvious reason. Panic buying in the market is due to the vampires in the Senate. The more demand for garlic, the higher its price can go.

As of this hour, I still couldn’t find the one who spread the vampire rumor.

Do you really like garlic so much?

Here’s a tip: plant garlic in your backyard if you don’t want to be affected by the price hike.