10 Obvious Signs In Your Household That Show It’s Already Christmas

OMG! it’s already Christmas!
posted on: Friday, December 19, 2014
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We all know and experience these things but here’s a recount on the signs showing that it’s CHRISTMAS!

1. The kitchen gets creamy


Your mom stocks up A LOT of all-purpose cream. And not just that but also spaghetti and tomato sauce.


2. Everybody in the house wakes up early


Starting on the first day of the month, everyone in your house wakes up earlier than usual and do a little bit of decorating the Christmas Tree and cleaning the house.


3. The comeback Of Jose Marie Chan


Midweek of November, your parents dig up those old Jose Marie Chan record and play it early in the morning. EVERYDAY!


4. The more, the merrier


You’ll just notice that there are a lot more people in your house now, and they seem a little bit busy. Phone calls, bringing stuff in and out of the house. But it’s fun though.


5. Of course, the lights and the Christmas tree


The only difference is that, September pa lang, ready na!


6. Don’t forget the food


There’s just lots of foods in your house, especially desserts.

Well, that’s because of:

7. Mom’s hoarding


Starting early September, your mom buys food and other stuff for Christmas. It gets even a lot more every other day.

So I wonder why mom always says: “Wa koy kwarta uy!”


8. Dad becomes the Hero


With all those rewiring and installations for the Christmas lights.

(Yeah, great! Daaaaaaad! You just cut off the lights in my room!!!)


9. You brother or sister comes home every night with a gift


Aydaaa! Hibaw-an daan, para na’s iyang uyab!


10. The Lost Treasure


Your mom’s long awaited moment! Time to dig up those special dining set for the special occasion.

So, have you seen or experienced one of these? Do you already feel the Christmas vibe?