10 Organs In Your Body That Zombies Would Love To Eat For Dinner

Zombies are definitely not vegetarians!
posted on: Saturday, November 30, 2013

Lifestyle Geek

In the event of zombies taking over the world, there’s no stopping them from eating what they want. Let’s take a look at their favorite food which they would love to take on a drive through or take out.

1. Skin. If roasted to perfection, human skin will be as crunchy as Lechon de Cebu.

2. Kidneys. They are perfect for zombies that are always on the go because it can fit their palm. They can always munch on it if they need energy.

3. Lungs. If a zombie feels like eating fluffy and airy food, I think they will go look for a pair of lungs. They prefer the lungs of a non-smoker because it doesn’t have a burnt aftertaste.

4. Muscles. It’s fleshy and full of meat, muscles are definitely one of the favorites of any zombie.

5. Gallbladder. If a zombie wants to have some green stuff (bile), taking out the gallbladder would be the best thing he’d do.

6. Stomach. It’s gooey and slimy. Plus, a zombie will get more freebies–what the human ate for breakfast three hours ago!

7. Intestines. Zombies like to have fun for long hours, so munching on intestines would likewise give them the boost that they need.

8. Heart. Zombies love the heart because if it’s fresh, it tends to move in their hands!

9. Liver. Vampires love it! Why wouldn’t zombies love it too?

10. The most juicy and sumptuous body organ that any zombie can eat from a human being would be the brain, don’t you agree?

Perhaps I missed an organ. What can you add to this freaky list?