10 Panic Moments We All Experience During Exams

Exams are a crucial part of being a student. Answer the tests well!
posted on: Thursday, October 16, 2014
Write. Write. Write. Done!
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Yo, students! First of all let me greet you a VERY HAPPY EXAM!

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You should study now or else… you would panic like most of us do!

Anyway, just to reduce the anxiety you’re suffering now, here are some hilarious panic moments we all face during exams:

1. As a start, here’s a summary of what we experience during exams:


2. When your high expectations have sunk to an all time low…


3. When we literally panic and study until the last millisecond…

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4. When you have the exact same reaction as Mr. Bean…


5. And when you partied so hard you forgot to study…


6. When we literally panic and answer until the last millisecond…

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7. When we just break down and fantasize about good times…


8.When you just want to end the moment but you can’t…


9. Every after a damn Math test we always think about this:


10. These girls get it what happens during exams!

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BONUS: Here’s a joke about what to answer during the exam

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Though you may be panicking now, just keep calm and study!