10 Part-Time Jobs You Can Have This Summer

Nothing to do this summer? Why don’t you take a shot at these jobs.
posted on: Friday, April 4, 2014
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It’s summer again! I guess many of you want to go on a vacation , but if you’ve already burned out your savings and no friends would take you, then this is the time to ask yourself, “Why don’t I get a summer job?”

1. Fast food service crew member


Meet your favorite mascots up close and personal, plus you’ll also get a free meal of your choice!

2. Call center agent


American TV show enthusiasts that can deliver perfect English but speak Tagalog in thick Cebuano accent, this might be your dream summer job.

3. Government-sponsored summer job


Want to work in a government building? The Special Program for Employment for Students (SPES) by DOLE gives students the chance  to work in various offices in the Capitol. Limited slots only so apply now!

4. Home-based online job


Don’t want to darken your skin? Well, don’t fret. You can apply for various online jobs at home. You don’t need to go outside so your skin would stay brown.

5. English tutor to Koreans


With thousands of Koreans flocking in Cebu, K-Pop fans can now apply as English tutors. You can also learn their language from them; it’s a two-way learning!

6. Internet café attendant


For those Dota addicts who have nothing to do this summer, you can try managing an Internet café. Play while you get paid! It’s a win-win job.

7. Taho vendor


Who doesn’t want a sip of hot taho early in the morning? If you can carry the weight of the buckets on your shoulders and have a Luciano Pavarotti vocal range (TAHHOOOOO!), then this job is definitely for you.

8. Balut vendor


A job preferable for night owls who stay awake the whole night. Just sit on a sidewalk, place your basket, and wait for those guys who wouldn’t squirm (WARNING, VERY GROSS) at the sight of this special delicacy.


9. Takatak vendor


Sell cigarette and candies under the bright sunshine, brave your way through traffic jammed streets. Takatakatak, you can also rap to the beat of the box, just slide the cover and sing a catchy rap song like ‘Lord Patawad’ and ‘Sirena.’

10. Scrap Collector


Still couldn’t find a job? Then start collecting scrap plastics, bottles, metals, etc. and sell them to a junk shop.

You may get dirty, but you help clean the environment, and earn money as well.

Don’t think getting a job this summer is boring ’cause you may not expect to enjoy it.  Enjoy the summer, Cebuanos!

Pass this on to your friends who want to get a job but are clueless on where to start.