10 Pasalubong Ideas from Cebu

posted on: Sunday, November 17, 2013

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Cebu is one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines and any visit to Cebu is never complete without bringing home lots of pasalubong.

To make your travel to Cebu more memorable, you should include at least one of these pasalubong ideas to your shopping cart.

1. Rosquillos

Rosquillos Corazon is rosquillos made more special! (Image courtesy of )

The humble beginnings of this biscuit started more than a hundred years ago.

Back then, the nameless biscuit was a favorite snack treat for countless individuals. It even caught the attention of the provincial governor back then and he dropped by the store of Margarita Frasco, fondly called as Mama Titay, who baked the famous biscuits.

When asked for the name of the biscuit, Mama Titay could not say anything until the provincial governor placed the biscuit, shaped like a rosca or ringlet, on his finger and uttered “rosquillos.”

Finally, the beloved round biscuit had a name.

Since then, rosquillos has become synonymous to the island of Cebu and is one of the most bought pasalubong by tourists.

2. Otap

This oval puff pastry is a perfect partner with hot coffee or chocolate. (Image courtesy of )

Otap is a puff pastry which originated in Cebu.

It is slightly crunchy and has a flaky texture which is a result of a two-stage process in baking.

3. Dried Mangoes

If you are looking for a sweet snack, this is it! (Image courtesy of )

What is Cebu without its dried mangoes?

Dried mangoes are slices of mangoes that are processed to extend its shelf life.

Cebu is the largest producer of dried mangoes in the country and abroad.

4. Lechon Cebu

Best served when hot! (Image courtesy of )

Lechon Cebu is considered to be one of the best lechon in the Philippines.

The taste of Cebu’s lechon is distinctive because it contains herbs and spices like lemongrass, rock salt, spring onions, and more.

As for the secret ingredients of many lechoneros in Cebu, to each has its own.

5. Danggit

Some consider danggit and other dried seafood products to smell like hell but taste like heaven. (Image courtesy of )

The danggit that is very famous in Cebu is a dried fish that comes from the spinefoot or rabbitfish.

Newly-cooked rice and danggit dipped in sukang pinakurat (vinegar) is a perfect combination.

Tourists from all over the country by danggit in bulk mostly at the Taboan Market.

6. Guitars, ukuleles, and various string instruments

Feel the island vibe with these handcrafted string instruments from Cebu. (Image courtesy of )

Cebu is a producer of world-class guitars and other string instruments.

Take home a part of Cebu by bringing home a guitar from the finest guitar-makers in Mactan Island.

7. Warm brownie cup

Blueberry Cheesecake Brownie Cup by La Marea (Image courtesy of )

People with sweet tooth can rejoice because they can take home a heavenly mix of warm brownie and vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate syrup and sprinkles.

During one of my visits to La Marea, the cafe who started the warm brownie cup revolution in Cebu, I have seen a customer from Manila who ordered 25 warm brownie cups without the ice cream.

I bet they really really love warm brownie cup just like me!

8. Chicharon

They taste so good, it hurts! (Image courtesy of )

If you want a tasty and crunchy treat, perhaps a chicharon can become your occasional best friend.

Made of pork skin deep fried in lard, chicharon is an indulgence high in bad cholesterol but super yummy to taste.

The towns of Lilioan and Carcar are known to make the best chicharon in Cebu.

9. Keychains

Cute versions of the hanging rice. (Image courtesy of )

They’re cheap, fun, and come in various sizes and shape.

I suggest that you should buy the keychain shaped like a puso or hanging rice.

10. Shirts

I love Cebu! (image courtesy of )

Perhaps one of the most popular souvenir items in almost every tourist destination in the world are shirts.

A best way to show your love of Cebu is to wear you heart on a sleeve!

Are you planning to buy them all on your next visit to Cebu?