10 Pasalubong Ideas From Cebu (Part 2)

Cebu has countless of products you can buy as pasalubong gifts for your family or friends.
posted on: Tuesday, July 22, 2014
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Here’s where lechon, otap and dried mangoes are on the list.

Ah, Cebu, a great place where you can taste good food for a reasonable price.

Anyway, if you are a tourist looking for something nice to bring home, or just a common Cebuano looking for something to send to your loved ones abroad, this list may help you:

1. Ampao


Yeah, puffed rice! It’s sweet and crispy! Carcar is known for this delicious delicacy.

Sometimes, it think that they should add more peanuts to it.

2. Hopia Ube


Its purple color already tells you how yummy it is. You should buy two or more boxes of this sweet delicacy because I assure you, just one isn’t enough.

3. Masi


The sticky outside part might taste bland, but it’s the inside that matters.

The center of masi hides a yummy peanut cream that you’ll never get tired of licking.

4. Dried Pusit

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If there’s dried mango and dried fish (danggit and buwad), then there’s also dried pusit!

5. Chorizo de Cebu


You can find this in almost every market in Cebu. Just make sure to check if the chorizo you are buying is fresh.

6. Ukay-ukay

Affectionately called “UK” by the local patrons, ukay-ukay is an assortment of used but branded clothing and shoes you can find along every streets in Cebu.


The locals love shopping in ukay-ukay stores since their prices are very, very low compared to most clothing stores.

You should buy one for your not-so-picky nephews or nieces who don’t mind wearing old clothes.

7. Masareal


If you love peanuts, or even if you don’t, you should try this one.

Masareal is ground peanuts mixed with sugar. You will be surprised how these simple ingredients would turn out to be one of the most delicious delicacy you’ll ever taste in Cebu.

8. Bibingka


It’s always customary to bring bibingka as pasalubong if you happen to visit Cebu.

Bibingka is a rice cake traditionally eaten during Christmas season, but it’s for sale any time of the year.

9. Pinasugbo


It’s dried banana covered in brown sugar and sesame seeds.

Though this delicacy originated in Iloilo, it’s also a popular pasalubong gift you can buy in Cebu.

10. Sto. Niño image


Cebu is home to the famous image of child Jesus, Santo Niño.

Anyway, religious or not, you can always find time to buy one of the most symbolic images here in Cebu. There are many Sto. Niño stores open here, especially during Sinulog.

If you’re planning on buying pasalubong gifts, buy more than enough because I assure you, your family would ask for more.