10 Perfect Cakes for 10 Beautiful Beaches in Cebu

A beach party is not a party without a cake!
posted on: Friday, March 14, 2014
Rodel Montebon
Katkat, katkats everywhere.

Cebuanos, the summer is upon us! When you hear the words “summer” and “beach party,” I’m sure the images of white sand, lechon, sun glasses, and a picture of yourself flexing in front of hot girls by the beach would come immediately in your mind. That’s what you experienced last summer and you called it party. But hey, a party is not REALLY a party without a cake! So check our list below of beautiful beaches below plus the RIGHT  for each beach:

1. Basdaku Beach, Moalboal + graduation-themed cake = freedom

Your friend or a family member just graduated from the hellish grounds? Basdaku beach is perfect for the entire family!

2. Caohagan Island + Gucci cake = fashionable relaxation

I don’t know if you heard this island before. This white sand beach is worth bringing your Gucci bag!

3. Kota Beach + Louis Vuitton cake = natural sense of belonging

Been to Kota beach in Bantayan before? Bring your Louis Vuitton cake all the way to Bantayan, because that’s where it belongs.

4. Lambug Beach, Badian + yacht cake = smooth sailing

Trust me, you won’t regret bringing your sweet precious yacht cake to this beach.

5. Malapascua Beach + mermaid cake = mystical swimming experience

The clear waters in Malapascua Island is surely where mermaids live. See my point?

6. Nalusuan Island + No Smoking sign cake = pure delight

I’m sure you wouldn’t dare to smoke in here, but to make it sure just bring this No Smoking sign cake.

7. Santiago Bay, Camotes + waterfalls-themed cake = the fun just keeps flowing

Of course, you can’t be in two places at the same time. So in order to experience the beach and the cool waters of waterfalls, I bet this cake will complete it.

8. Sugar Beach, Bantayan + underwater-themed cake = sweet escapade

Oh la la, Sugar Beach! Make your experience sweeter with this cake. Do I have to expound?

9. Sumilon Island + pirate’s ship cake = spunky adventure

Arrrrrr ‘ye matey! Go to Sumilon Island in Oslob where pirates stay for a nice summer vacation. LOL! Seriously, bring that Jack Sparrow out in you with this cake. Parley!

10. Tingko Beach, Alcoy + pearly shells cake = a welcome sweet interlude

Feel like Dyesebel in Alcoy with these shells in your cake. Now in tune with me, “Marineeeeeeee ? ? ? ?!”

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