10 Pesos Jeepney Fare Hike, Makiangayon Ba?

The fare increase is inevitable. How would you react to this?
posted on: Thursday, June 26, 2014
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Geez, a jeepney fare hike is imminent again. We passengers only got lucky because one transport group their petition.

The fare hike isn’t ?0.50, not ?1, but a whooping ?1.50 peso increase. From ?7.50 to ?10 increase. Did I write 7.50? I also thought that the current jeepney fare is ?8.


Is ?10 fare hike justified?

I can certainly say that most of us would say that it isn’t, but let us remember that there are two sides of the coin – on the top side, the transport groups which consist of drivers and operators, while on the bottom side is the passengers. Let’s also not forget the referee, the rather ambivalent LTFRB.

So why is the fare hike justified according to the transport groups?

Constant price increase of gasoline products


One obvious reason why the transport groups want a fare hike is because of the constant price increase of gasoline. Diesel and gasoline products are slated to increase this week. It is due to the fear of the worsening crisis in Iraq which is the world’s no. 3 supplier of crude oil.

To increase the drivers’ earning


According to , the average earning of a jeepney driver who works 10 hours a day is 300-400 pesos. The drivers are also at risk of developing lung problems due to constant exposure of harmful gases emitted by vehicles. Would giving them a fixed salary a better solution than the boundary system?

It’s been a while since the last fare hike


It was since the last fare increase. According to DOE (Department of Energy), the average price increase of diesel from 2011 to 2014 is . It’s no wonder why the drivers are already starting to become hot-headed.

50 centavos is always disregarded

GMA News

The current jeepney fare is ?7.50 but it’s actually ?8 since it’s not common for the drivers and passengers alike to bring 50 cents with them. If the fare is increased to ?10, it’s now more convenient since you no longer have to keep loose change.

Well, I guess these guys have a point. We’ve got a hard life to deal here in the Philippines. Naanad na man sad ta ani.

On the other hand, here’s why the fare increase isn’t justified:

?10 is too much

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Why not just ?1? A ?2.50 is already a 33% increase in fare. ?10 is already one cup of rice. I think it should just be ?9 and not ?10. It’s as if it’s comfortable to ride a jeepney…

The fare doesn’t change even if gas prices decrease


When there’s a major gas price drop, transport groups would just stare at us, poker face, and say “the price drop is still too low, it’s not worth the fare reduction”. But when there’s a major gas price increase, they would be the first ones to cry for a fare hike.

Most drivers only think about income and not the passengers


If the jeepney isn’t full yet, you have to wait 20 – 60 minutes until it’s full. Some drivers even smoke. And some go into a death-defying race with other jeepneys just to fetch more passengers.


Photos by Ina Alleco R. Silverio / bulatlat.com

It’s the most obvious reason. Everything, from garlic to electricity bill, is getting more expensive. “The only thing that is constant is change” but it seems that change forgot to include salary as well.

Every citizen has their own opinion about the jeepney fare hike. It’s the LTFRB’s duty to balance things out. And we just hope they make the right decision.