10 Pictures From The Philippines That Will Make You Say “WTF!”

WTF! Just WTF!
posted on: Friday, July 25, 2014
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WTF means “What the f**k!”. This expression is mostly exclaimed when you witness or experience something surprising, agitating or unsettling.

The Philippines has a fair share of WTF-worthy things such as:

1. Mummified remains of the Igorots, a tribe from the Sagada Mountain in the Northern Philippines. It is said that the Igorots practiced cannibalism.

mummified igorots


2. WTF Manoy! Where’s your family?! The whole barangay is submerged in water!

drinking, more fun in the philippines


3. Toxic waters in Tullahan River, one of the dirtiest rivers in Metro Manila.

toxic waters in tullahan river in metro manila


These violet-colored residues come from the wastes of several industries such as paper, pen and dye factories.

4. Why don’t you just name your son Harry Potter?!

funny name


5. Who needs Jurassic Park when you can just visit a rainforest in the Philippines?

reticulated python caught by agta tribe in the philippines

discovermagazine.com | Ed Yong

The reticulated python is the world’s longest snake. This one was caught by the Agta tribe in Luzon.

6. Who’s to blame with this stupidity? DPWH?

pole in the middle of the road


For those like me who didn’t get it at first because of some stupidity or empty stomach, try asking yourself, what’s that pole doing in the middle of the road?

7. This dog is one hell of a passenger (If you don’t notice, the dog wears shades).

dog on top of tricycle


8. “Sikit-sikiti lang ha, masigo pa ni’g unom!!!”

overcrowded jail in the philippines


9. Small boy flagellates himself on Holy Week… WTF parents, even the CBCP doesn’t tolerate this!

small boy flagellates himself


10. ‘Crush’ video of three girls stomping a puppy to death. Good news is they were caught. Bad news is there are still people who produce this kind of sick video.

crush video of three girls stomping a puppy to death


Here’s the video. CLICK AT YOUR OWN RISK!

 The Philippines will never run out of surprising, agitating or unsettling pictures that will make you say “WTF!”. Because of that, this article will have part 2, part 3, 4 and so on…