10 Funny Business Names That Prove Filipinos Are Genius In Puns

These business names are genius indeed!
posted on: Tuesday, November 4, 2014
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Filipinos love puns – it resonates not just in our daily conversation but in the way we name our businesses, like these:

1. Caesar’s -> Cesar’s -> Cesor’s -> Cisor’s -> Scissor’s Palace! Cheap, just don’t move too much, or Mr. Barber might cut your ear instead of hair!

Photo by Tatin Yang


2. A contender arrives! Harry Potter fans who need  a haircut, you’ll get a discount!

Jojie Alcantara


3. Though we can’t see what kind of business this is, it’s safe to assume they’re selling bread!



4. What I really appreciate about their cart is the paint job! They nailed the Facebook logo!



5. Ayos indeed! If I were to drive a taxi, I’d choose Lahing Aswang!



6. I guess they’ve finally settled their rivalry. Go McDollibee!



7. Just how large are their bottles are? No matter, the vendors look very happy!



8. Genius! They will never go bankrupt with that name or the kind of business they put up!



9. Does Ai-Ai de las Alas own this tattoo business? This will be a hit this Sinulog!



10. I’m a fan of Parokya ni Edgar and I approve this! Two thumbs up for the name!



What other punny business names can you come up with? Share it!