10 Practical Ways A Bisdak Can Do To Feel Good For The Holidays

A grumpy Bisdak might end up killing another Magellan!
posted on: Monday, December 16, 2013

Lifestyle Geek

Without a shadow of doubt, the holiday season is really here. How did I determine it? I bet your bottom dollar that you were busy shopping this weekend and you were part of the long queue in the mall… and your wallet is probably crying right now, screaming at the top of his lungs, “Credit is good but I need cash!”

Bisdak, tabangi imong kaugalingon para tabangan pud ka sa Ginoo. (Help yourself so that God will help you too.)

Want to feel good? Get a pen and paper and make a checklist out of this.

1. Reduce the amount of carbs, sugar, and meat that you eat and include more fruits and vegetables. Yes, I sound like your mother but I can attest to the veggie and fruit thingy because I really feel good when I eat no meat the whole day. Kay kung atakihon ka sa imong kasing-kasing, maka-CPR kog ahat nimo. (I’ll be forced to give you a CPR if you’ll have a heart attack.)

2. Just like the Europeans, I despise a heavy workout so I take long walks or do brisk walking and I immediately feel good after that. Kahibaw ko medyo tapulan pud ka. (I know that you are not a big fan of doing exercise.)

3. Manage your finances well because an empty pocket is not a wonderful sight to see. Kung wala jud ka bisan pamliti sa jeep, kuyaw na! (If you can’t even pay the jeepney fare, that’s something else.)

4. Give back! Whether it’s giving out 10 percent of your income as tithes, feeding a street kid or two, assisting an old lady in the Capitol Provincial to find Governor Davide, or helping a stranger find its way in the city of Cebu, there’s no help that is too little to give.

5. Maybe you don’t smile a lot. Even if you will just begin to fake a smile, you will actually start feeling better. Hayahay! 

6. Being exposed to early morning and late afternoon sunlight is the best way to increase your serotonin, your happy hormones! Dili man ka bampira so gawas-gawas pud og ginagmay. (You’re not a vampire so suit yourself.)

7. Does your closet and drawers look like a pile of garbage? Organize them and tell me how you feel after doing that. Kay balayan jud na sa ok-ok or ilaga imong cabinet. (Rats and cockroaches might become tenants in your unkempt cabinet.)

8. If you are not a fan of organizing your life, I think it’s high time for you to do so. That’s what planners are for! Para sad intawn mahapsay imong kinabuhi.

9. Do yourself a favor and start reading books that will widen your horizon and teach you on how to attain the best out of life. Basin puro ra pud Precious Hearts Romance na novel imo basahon. (Maybe you only read Precious Hearts Romance novels.)

10. Watch a funny or feel good movies. This doesn’t even need an explanation. Ayaw lang katawa og sobra kay makautot unya ka. (Don’t laugh too much so that you won’t fart.)

I know you can add ideas to this list and I would love to hear from you! Hit the comment section below and let’s exchange ideas!