10 Pro Tips On Surviving The Simbang Gabi

posted on: Friday, December 13, 2013
Kevin Maglinte
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Simbang Gabi  is a devotional nine days of masses observed by the Roman Catholics in the Philippines to honor the Blessed Virgin Mary in anticipation of Christmas.

When it starts, the churches are usually crowded! I have here for you some epic tips on how to survive Simbang Gabi. Read and learn!

1. Sleep early, wake up early. You get the logic?


2. Get a “habal-habal” guy or, in English, motorcycle driver, to serve as your transportation. Reason? Most likely there will not be many vehicles servicing your route.



3. Eat a proper breakfast at home.



4. If you decide to skip breakfast, be sure to bring some crackers. Many people will line up for snacks or breakfast before and after the mass.



5. Avoiding sleeping inside the church! I told you to sleep early, didn’t I?



6. Arrive very early, unless you want to stand during the entire duration of the mass.



7. Dude, take a shower! I know it’s early and cold, but come on, dude!



8. Invite some friends because the more, the merrier!



9. Bring little cash. You’ll never know… you might get robbed!



10. Dress appropriately!

What do you think? What can you add to this list?