10 Dumb Questions Asked By Single Guys Who Never Had A Girlfriend

Dumb or not, these questions need to be answered immediately!
posted on: Saturday, December 13, 2014
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Christmas is coming. Are you part of SMP or “Samahan ng Malalamig ang Pasko?”. Probably it’s not her, it’s you. You’re just shortsighted, that’s why I bet you’ve asked these dumb questions yourself:

1. Does knowing how to guitar add Pogi Points?

Definitely. As the saying goes: Kung hindi madaan sa santong dasalan, try other saints. Marami namang iba jan.

If flowers and chocolates fail, you can always try the good old harana.

What about…

2. Does owning a car add Pogi Points?

ABS-CBN Star Cinema

We’ve seen it on telenovelas and boy does it work! Rich boy, poor girl, the factor is obvious – you gotta own a car!


3. Is being in a relationship costly?


Well, compared to playing Dota. How much is the maintenance cost of a girlfriend?


4. What do girls do with flowers?


Do they eat the flowers? Or do they just dump it after the suitor leaves?


5. How do you overcome the girl’s father?


Unless her father is Darth Vader or Robin Padilla, you’re probably good to go.


6. “The Bedding Ceremony”. Before or after marriage?


You know what it means. I can’t talk much about it or I’ll break the protocol. But I think depends on the girl. Maybe that’s why Richard Gutierrez broke up with Jewel Mische. Jewel wants to keep her chastity.


7. How do other guys got it just by texting?!


Text… text… and he’s got a girlfriend! What sorcery is this?!


8. Why do women like old foreigners?


I’m young and have a job please notice me gurl.


9. Why don’t you like me when I’m not that ugly?


Does having a qt3.14 face necessary to hook up with a girl? I’m s?t?a?l?k?i? browsing some cute girls with not-so-attractive boyfriends on Facebook and looking at the comment section, it’s a disaster!


10. Girl to girl… HOW?


This is actually a motivation. If a girl can fall in love with another girl, how much more with real man? Stay positive and don’t lose hope but I may be lying.

I really want to answer all these dumb questions but I don’t have the key to the solution.