10 Random Gifs That Describe Your Holy Week

Be sure to enjoy your Holy Week even if it’s filled with randomness.
posted on: Thursday, April 17, 2014
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It’s Holy Week again, a time when we practice  and express our faith.

Maybe you like to just  and sleep (like me).

Anyway, to observe the season of Lent, let me throw some random gifs to describe your week.

 1. You’re trying to exercise and avoid meat


Have you tried anything better than running down the stairs? Do you avoid meat but still eat an inordinate amount of fish because it’s yummy? Anyway, don’t despair, we’re all in this together towards breaking our vows.

2. You see grumpy people everywhere


Maybe because Jesus is dead? I tried asking them but they shooed me away.

3. A silent week and it feels good to sleep


Just go on… sleep… you might try to wake up and see something…

4. Possibly, you’re bored… especially when you don’t have Internet


You know, there are many things you can do this Holy Week other than turning into a zombie.

5. Drown yourself in the Internet all day


Congratulations, you have Internet! And now the problem is… in the Internet?

6. Your favorite TV show is not airing


Darn it! I can’t watch my favorite sirena! Now I have to wait ’til Monday! Good job, TV station.

7. Crave for meat


As what they say, “masarap ang bawal”. No, I’m not referring to drugs, I’m referring to pork chop. Pork chop is better than drugs.

8. It’s church time!

Are you excited to go to church? Me neither!

9. It’s beach time!


I’m ready to go to the beach! Wait, is that the sea? It’s not a sea of water, it’s a sea of people!

10. Getting ready for work after Holy Week


I’m enjoying this awesome vacation I have. What work? Wait, is it Monday now?!

Don’t let your Holy Week be filled with randomness.

Always plan ahead and be wise.

May you have a happy Holy Week!