10 Reasons Why Filipinos are Addicted to Soap Operas

Yes, we are all guilty of it at some point in our lives!
posted on: Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Lifestyle Geek

Admit it. You have watched at least one episode of a famous soap opera on TV.

Whether you’re follwing it because you love the stars on it or you love the story line or you just have nothing else to do but to watch a no-brainer TV show, you can’t deny the fact that soap operas have a powerful effect on us.

Haven’t you wondered why soap operas have been a mainstay on primetime TV?

What makes a  soap opera very addicting?

Let me give you 10 reasons:


1. It helps us stay sane!


Life is full of challenges. Sometimes it reaches a point when our sanity can break at any moment. Just turn on the boob tube and watch a funny sitcom. You’ll be laughing your way to normality in due time for sure.


2. Violence is addicting?


According to Anne Bartsch, “Perhaps depictions of violence that are perceived as meaningful, moving and thought-provoking can foster empathy with victims, admiration for acts of courage and moral beauty in the face of violence, or self-reflection with regard to violent impulses.” No wonder many people find it satisfying when the bad guy dies at the end of a movie.


3. Scenes are like the bullets from a machine gun.


“Rapid scene changes are especially engaging to watch,” at least that’s what Robert Kubey found out in his research. It can even lead you to watching your favorite shows for hours. We Filipinos call it a movie marathon!


4. The director plays the role of the hypnotist.


Princeton University conducted a research and they found out that the more the director manages to focus his viewers’ attention to the scenes, the more engaged they will be.


5. We all die to see what happens next.


Damn those mini cliffhangers! They are shown before any advertisement is aired. It keeps us from changing the channel. I bet the advertisers are so happy now.


6. Maslow’s first level in the hierarchy of needs


Aside from food, water, clothing and shelter, what else do you think humans need for survival. You may think it’s WiFi but it’s actually sex. Think of how the longest running profession in the world survived after all these years. Humans are hard wired to it.


7. The Curse of the Matinee Idol


Oh well, you just can’t stop fans from watching whatever show their favorite actor is on. It doesn’t even matter if their actor did well or not. Fans just love to see their idols smile or give them a wink onscreen and they’ll melt any moment after that. Just remember the days of the Beatlemania! It was a phenomena unlike any other.


8. Loyalty and habit.


Filipinos, or humans in general, tend to be loyal to something if they can get something good out of it, and when it becomes part of their habit for many years, a tradition will soon be cemented.

Take for instance GMA and ABS-CBN. They have a lot of followers and for them, it has been a habit to watch any of the shows being aired on their favorite TV station.


9. You are being tricked!


Yes, we all have been tricked so many times. TV shows or movies toy with our survival instinct by showing us numerous highlighted events like a car suddenly screeched their way to the protagonist without killing him or the antagonist is being given special powers to defeat the main character.


10. It’s a beautiful escape.


According to Wise Geek, “humans tend to shift their focus on the beautiful aspects of life if they are faced with life’s difficulties and one way of doing this is watching movies or soap operas on television”. Watching the episodes of Dysebel and her hair flowing like tentacles may have a soothing effect on the viewers.

Wouldn’t you agree with the list I made?