10 Reasons Why Being A Living Doll Is Not Cool

posted on: Friday, November 22, 2013

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Most of us, especially the girls, are fascinated with how perfect and immaculate dolls look like but can you accept the fact that some men and women are willing to do anything just to look like a living doll?

Let’s see some of the most famous living dolls and determine some aspects of their lives that are not so cool.

1. To attain the so-called “perfection” in appearance, you have to go under the knife. That’s, uh, bloody!

Justin Jedica from the USA has undergone numerous surgeries to look like Ken doll.
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2. To maintain your figure and appearance, you have to “strictly” adhere to your diet and exercise regimen.

To maintain her 18 inch waistline, Valeria Lukyanova supports a liquid-only diet.
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3. You cannot leave home without wearing makeup.

Anastasiya Shpagina admits that she never leaves her house without doing her hair and wearing heavy makeup.
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4. You have to wear a costume everyday.

Anzhelika Kenova from Russia also wears costumes to make herself look like a real doll.
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5. You have to throw away lots of money to undergo cosmetic surgery.

Vanilla Chamu of Japan has reportedly spent more than $100,000 to undergo 30 cosmetic surgeries.
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6. You have to wear contact lenses to achieve the “vacant look” in your eyes.

Wang Jiayun of China has become famous because of her doll-like appearance.
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7. You have to pose like a doll to nail the doll-like appearance.

Aaron Bruckner poses for GQ magazine as the doll Ken, Barbie doll’s male counterpart.
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8. Speaking of wearing makeup, you have to devote a lot of hours in order to achieve the Barbie look.

If Valeria Lukyanova is your girlfriend, are you willing to wait for many hours until she’s done with her makeup?
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9.To change your relationship with food and its effects on our body, you might have to change your spiritual beliefs.

Valeria Lukyanova is planning to use solar power to energize her and her prana or life force when the solar power is not enough. Personally, I haven’t tried using sunlight as my main source of energy.
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10. If you’ll join a queue where bags of relief goods will be given to disaster-struck victims, there’s a probability you won’t be given any bag because you don’t look like a real human being.

Valeria Lukyanova’s fascination with dolls has led her to look like a doll. She has collected more than 50 dolls.
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