10 Reasons Why You Should Love Holy Week

Number 1 reason — the week is holy. Get it? Hehehe!
posted on: Saturday, April 12, 2014

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In a matter of days, crowds will be waving around their “lukay” in the air and imagine that Jesus Christ is walking in the middle of the crowd. Palm Sunday or Domingo de Ramos will be is an omen that tell us that we shouldn’t let ourselves get injured or wounded because the Lord will be dead by Good Friday.

Aside from the fact that it is “preferable” that you shouldn’t eat pork, unless you’re going to die because you have nothing else to eat, there are actually a lot of reasons why you should love Holy Week. I am not sure if I am making any sense here but let me give you a list of what I just had in mind.

1. There’s no work!

Oh yeah! It will be a long holiday! Pack your bags and prepare to leave home or go back home!

2. There’s no traffic!


Since everybody will be going back to their hometown or going away for vacation, there will be no such thing as vehicular traffic congestion. The only traffic you might be experiencing at this time will be human traffic during processions.

3. Vacation galore!

Jonji Gonzales

There’s no work! Of course! There will be a vacation! What else do you expect?


4. You can spend quality time with your family!


Since you have no work and you can go on vacation, you can spend your time on things and people that matter most, your family!


5. There’s binignit wherever you will go!


Try asking every household if they have binignit on Holy Week and 9 times out of ten, the answer will be yes. Try to ask for a bowl then you’ll get yourself free snacks! Hehe!

If you want to make your own binignit, shop for the ingredients at the nearest wet market near you and prove to your family or nosy neighbors how good of a cook you are!


6. Your blood pressure will go down!


Monsignor told you not to eat baboy or anything that starts with letter “b” during Holy Week. Since your bad cholesterol levels will go down, the act of not eating pork might eventually lower your blood pressure. If you really can’t control your urge to eat baboy, eat mamoy, maka, or manok instead.


7. Time to reflect on how your life has been!


Perhaps you have been too busy with your life, always working and (definitely) partying hard. You’ve had less sleep and forever driven by the goals you have in mind.

Take a breather! The human body was not made to work 24/7 in 365 days! Geeez!

Even Jesus Christ went to sleep and took a lot of rest so why won’t you?

8. You can’t shop at the mall!


Since the malls will be closed, especially on Good Friday, you can’t shop! Do I hear a coin dropping in the piggy bank guys?


9. You get to hop from one church to the other with family or friends!


Visita Iglesia is an activity when your family or friends can bond and have a great time. You can have a picnic in between the whole day activity or have a grand dinner after visiting all the churches in your list.


10. There’s lots of lechon on Easter Sunday!


If you followed what Monsignor told you about pork, I guess it’s not too bad for you to eat lechon on Easter Sunday however, if you’ll overdo it, I might come running at ‘ya and give you chest compressions (yours truly is going to give you a CPR if you’ll get a heart attack).

Is there anything in the list I failed to mention? Write it on our comment section below and share us your thoughts.