10 Reasons Why No One Follows You On Twitter

I told you not to put that egg on the screen!
posted on: Wednesday, November 27, 2013
Rodel Montebon
Katkat, katkats everywhere.

You have Facebook , Instagram, and Twitter accounts. Inasmuch as you want to be social, you can’t help it because every time you log in to on of these accounts, you’ve got few friend requests and/or no one follows you. Hey, you could change that and engage more online, especially Twitter! Just a simple notice and a little tweak would do the trick. Below are the reasons why no one dared to click the “Follow” button in your profile and converse or engage with you.

1. Your profile picture is an egg. And your avatar sucks!

In the first place, why would anyone follow an egg? You are giving an impression that you are a lazy spammer. Be professional and put your logo or profile picture instead.

2. Your messages are automatic, not personal.

You messaged them, but they are generated tweets. And worst, it’s a broadcast automatic tweet. If someone is following you, they would likely unfollow you. It is best to keep your messages personal and engaging even though you are promoting something.

3. You are following gazillion people while only three people follow you.

For this, you will be forgiven if you are new to Twitter, but if you signed up since a year ago…no, thanks.

4.Your bio is very general, or cheesier than John Lloyd and Angel.

Having a general background is like saying “I don’t care about you!” Plus a cheesy background…wait, are you trying to sell something to me?

5. You don’t even follow back.


Yes, you are connected to  2,000 or more people yet you only follow 100. Pfffftt, I wouldn’t bother to follow you either.

6. Your profile is in private.


Seriously? Why on Earth would I follow someone if I can’t see their tweets or interactions?

7. Your handle looks suspicious.

Oh my God, a hot girl is following me! Then you clicked her profile and saw her handle ‘@asdfgkl123456’. Thanks for following me, girl (or whatever).

8. You only tweet 10 times, or 5 times, a month. Or worst, never at all.

Why the heck would I follow you if I do not know what stuff you are in?

9. You promised to follow them back.

No one will follow you if you promised them. One will only follow you if they are interested on the topics you are in. If the only reason you follow everyone because you promised them to, you are only clogging my Twitter stream.

10. Because my “best friend forever” (bff) said so.

One thing why no one follows you is because you’ve created a mess in social media. Because Twitter is networking, I will follow what my bffs follow, too, and get their feedback who I should follow.