10 Reasons Why Filipino Christmas Is The Best Christmas (In The World)

Nobody can argue this!
posted on: Friday, December 19, 2014
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Every Filipino is looking forward to Christmas. Why? Of course because Filipino Christmas is the best Christmas in the world for these reasons:

1. Christmas parties everywhere!

filipino christmas party


How many gifts did you already receive from your manita/manito/godparents?


2. No annoying snow.

white christmas in the philippines


Some people might love snow, but with our current traffic situation, we’re really better off without it. Christmas is still cold though even without snow!


3. The magnificent lights and lanterns.

filipino christmas


It’s like a winter wonderland!


4. Artistas everywhere!

mmff parade of stars


Even if you’re not a fan of MMFF, seeing these handsome actors and beautiful actresses can be refreshing during the Parade of Stars. I’m looking forward to personally meeting Coco Martin!


5. We have the longest Christmas in the world.

filipino christmas lantern


We celebrate it as early as September and usually ends in January. How’s that?


6. Grumpy people are less… grumpy. Praise Santa and Jesus!

How’s your boss. Do you notice something about him? Yeah, he’s actually smiling!

the grinch


People always remind you to put Jesus in your heart not just during Christmas but everyday. And it’s kinda effective during December.


7. Christmas bonus and 13th month pay.

13th month pay


Have you received them? I’m jealous. T_T


8. CHRISTMAS SALE and (kinda) EXTENDED mall hours!

filipino shopping in divisori


And did I say that malls are everywhere in the Philippines? No need to go that far to shop!


9. Fruit salad is delicious. Ham is delicious. Everything is awesome!

noche buena


You know, ham is really delicious ’cause you usually only eat it during Christmastime. Just be careful or you might get fat.


10. Filipino Christmas is family-centered.

filipino christmas family gathering


You’ll meet your long lost cousins, grandparents, and dog. Family gathering during noche buena is really the best, especially if you’re a kid!

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!