10 Reasons Why Kids Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Have Their Own Phone

With phones becoming more than a commodity, is it really a necessity for kids to have one?
posted on: Wednesday, June 18, 2014
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Welcome to the 21st century.

Gone are the days when children were still playing outside under the sunshine, most are just staying inside their cage called ‘home’ and play video games.

As someone born before the emergence of hi-tech gadgets, I can say that my childhood was more awesome than those growing up today.

Yes, many supporters say kids should own a phone for emergency purposes, but pre-cell phone kids grew up without phones to call for emergency, and yet they have no problem with it.

If a child really needs to call someone, they can use their teacher’s phone. Parents in turn can call the school.

I believe phones are slowly destroying the process of a more active childhood, and here are the reasons why kids shouldn’t be allowed to own one:

1. Kids waste their time texting and calling


Instead of studying or playing outside, kids waste their time texting and calling their BFFs. It’s no wonder why the Philippines is the text capital of the world.

Also, phones promote a more distant way of communication. Face to face conversation is becoming less common nowadays.

2. Less exercise means a more sickly child


Instead of playing bato lata, children are playing Angry Birds. Instead of hide-and-seek, they play Candy Crush.

Children are becoming less healthy, doing less physical activities and those who don’t eat vegetables should expect a visit to the doctor once or twice a year.

3. It attracts snatchers

Especially if your kid’s phone has 12 megapixel camera, they are not safe from the athletic snatchers (since they grew up in the pre-phone era, snatchers are athletic people).

4. Smartphones are expensive


Most Filipinos are middle-class or poor. General buying rule, if you cant afford to buy two smartphones for your child, then don’t buy one.

5. It promotes solitude


Why walk far just to talk to your friends when you can just call them?

It’s easier to call someone than walk a few distance to talk to that person. There will come a time when we become those obese people in the movie WALL-E.

6. Phones emit radiation


Radiation is a scary word. It may cause cancer and phones . Early exposure to radiation means more risk in getting sick. Though there’s not yet a conclusive proof about phones causing cancer, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

7. For the internet is dark and full of terrors

Smartphones can access the internet in almost anywhere.


But how child-friendly is the security setting of your child’s phone? Your kid might add some shady stranger on Facebook and it would definitely not end well.

They might stumble upon an adult website or Justin Bieber music and God knows how it might affect them.

8. Cyberbullying


With easier access to the internet comes easier way of bullying someone.

If you’re child is bullied on the internet, how can you punch that person or sue him if he’s anonymous in the internet?

9. Phones are addicting

Though your kid doesn’t do drugs or smoke weed, they might get addicted to their phone.


Phones offer a lot of entertainment like Facebooking, video games and videos.

Kids would spend most of their day facing the phone screen and taking selfies instead of facing people and their homework.

And since phones are portable, they would bring it to their bed and use it all night long, resulting in lack of sleep.

10. I’m just plain jealous


My mom didn’t buy me one when I was a kid, so why would my kids have one?!!

So you see, there are plenty good reasons why kids shouldn’t have their own phone.

It’s for the best, let’s promote it.