10 Reasons Why Pacquiao Will Win His Fight Against Bradley

Bradley will lose. There’s no doubt about it.
posted on: Sunday, April 13, 2014
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After a controversial first match, Manny Pacquiao will face Timothy Bradley in the boxing ring again.

This time, we know he’s not going to show mercy.

Let’s list down the reasons why Pacquiao will definitely grill Bradley:

1. He has a glorious beard


Bradley can’t even grow a proper one while Manny has been cultivating his beard ever since he was born. It’s a sign of manliness.

2. He has a silky smooth hair!


Pacquiao is a shampoo endorser while Bradley is bald. If Pacquiao can take care of his hair, then he can take care of Bradley as well.

3. He’s got coach Freddie Roach

Coach Freddie Roach is a badass. Just look how he remains unintimidated in front of Rios’s camp after a heated argument.

4. He’s got Aling Dionisia

photo by Connie Sison, twitter.com/CONNIEsison

His mother and number one supporter, Aling Dionisia is going to pray to all the saints and Hermes bags she has. Her moral support is unparalleled.

5. He’s got Jinkee


Jinkee is pregnant again! This is a good motivation for Manny. Let’s expect another baby next year if he wins.

6. Chavit Singson backs him up


I wonder what Chavit Singson’s role in Pacquiao’s fights but he’s definitely a lucky charm.

7. The judges are fair

Judge C.J. Ross looks on as Timothy Bradley (L) battles Manny Pacquiao. (Photo by Jeff Bottari/Getty Images)

, and we hope they’re better than the previous ones.

8. He is calm and even preaches before the fight

photo by reddit user thatguy170

See, Manny preaches the gospel a few hours before his fight, he doesn’t give a damn about the fight.

9. He’s a badass

Have you seen him? He can gun down bad guys and get the hottest lady. He’s definitely a badass.

10. He’s got our support


If Pacquiao loses, we’ll be the one to beat Bradley, right?

Who’s gonna win, Pacquiao or Bradley?

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