10 Reasons Why People Think Kris Aquino Is Annoying

You are either a Krissy fan or hater and nothing else!
posted on: Tuesday, May 27, 2014

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According to Ige Ramos of Dear “Kris and all anti-Kris,” you either hate or love Kris Aquino and there is no gray area in sight.

Why do people hate Kris Aquino anyway?

Hailed as Queen of All Media, Kris Aquino is a Philippine icon who never fails to astound or leave her audiences aghast with what she has to say or do.

Her life is virtually public property because everything about her life is publicized.

In fact, the name Kris Aquino is synonymous to “publicity.”

Her life as a public figure began at the young age of seven when she campaigned for her dad, Ninoy, who was in jail at that time and was running for senator.

Since then, the spotlight never left her until today.

If many people adore her, a lot of people also hate her.

As for reasons why people hate her, it will take me all day to enumerate them but for your sake (I know you’re such a busy person), I narrowed the list to ten.

1. She is overexposed.

Kris Aquino


You can see her on television. You can hear her on the radio. She has box office movie hits. She is all over the billboards. She’s on the newspapers! She’s literally is everywhere! We can all understand how Rax feels.

2. She is tactless.

Kris Aquino


She does not have reservations when it comes to saying what’s on her mind. At one point of her life, her show played host to numerous young and handsome teenagers. She told one of them that he’s guapo and asked him if he liked her. I find this weird but what can we do? She’s Kris Aquino.

3. She is an open book.

Kris Aquino


Knowing how she lives her life, especially her love life, isn’t a challenge to figure out. She literally tells the public about it, whether they like it or not.

4. She talks too much about herself.

Kris Aquino


Eddie calls her a demented parrot because she bombards her TV guests with how good her life is. After all, she owns the show so she has all the right to do so, doesn’t she?

5. She brags unnecessarily.

Kris Aquino


Fashion Pulis can’t help but react. We all know what she said to Andrew Garfield during an exclusive interview. Does she really have to mention it to Garfield?

6. She can make you cry!

Kris Aquino


Does this involve a drama movie? Unfortunately, it doesn’t. Ricky Lo and his friends ended up crying because Kris Aquino released an album of 13 songs and she didn’t even sang on any one of them.

7. She is a controversy magnet.

Kris Aquino


Wherever she goes, she is hounded by controversy. Want proof? Just take a look at her most controversial quotes compiled by Spot.ph.

8. She is a constant attention-grabber.

Kris Aquino


We all need some level of attention every once in a while but according to ilda of The Anti Pinoy, Kris Aquino needs high doses of attention through constant validation. She also calls her a fame junkie.

9. She is a contrast among her family.

Kris Aquino


Her image is quite different if we will compare her to her mom. Ilda was even wondering with what went wrong with her upbringing. The whole Philippines is also wondering, including my parents.

10. She is insecure. Do you think so?

Kris Aquino


Since she constantly needs validation, it means she’s insecure. That’s another belief that Ilda has mentioned in her article.

Kris Aquino


Do you agree with my list?

Oh, by the way, how do you like Kris’ new haircut?