10 Reasons Why The Coconut Tree Should Have Been Our National Tree

Seriously, lawmakers should replace Narra.
posted on: Thursday, November 20, 2014
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Narra is our national tree… yeah, we learned it back in elementary school. But you know what, I don’t agree with that. Coconut is usually considered as the second national tree of the Philippines. Only second.

COCONUT should be our national tree, and the reasons? Well, Coconut’s the Tree of Life – almost all of its parts can be used. There are countless reasons to add but I’ll just list 10:

1. First and foremost, Coconut is everywhere in the Philippines.

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When’s the last time you’ve seen our national tree, the Narra Tree? I don’t even recognize its appearance. Compare it to Coconut, which is probably one of the most recognizable tree in the Philippines!


2. Being a tropical country, the Coconut fruit is one of the most popular thirst quenchers during summer.


Every Filipino has already tasted this delectable drink. Who doesn’t love to drink buko juice during the hot weather? Lamaw FTW!

A little trivia: The coconut fruit isn’t a nut but a drupe!


3. It is one of the main ingredients of Filipino desserts.


It’s a main ingredient of halo-halo, bukayo and various kakanins such bibingka, kutsinta, puto and many more. Without Coconut, what ingredient would replace it to sweeten our favorite desserts?


4. One way to clean one’s house in the Philippines is to scrub the floor, using…

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Bunot or lampaso! Most of us must have done this! It’s a fun way of cleaning the floor and working out your legs.


5. We have dances and songs about the greatness of Coconut.


The Maglalatik is a popular indigenous dance performed by hanging coconut shells on the bodies of the dancers and hitting one coconut shell with the other – usually held by the dancer’s hands. The Bicol region also has a dance called Lubi-Lubi.

What about the popular song Da Coconut Nut? I’m sure you’ve already heard of it! I thought Yoyoy Villame sang this song but it turns out he didn’t.


6. We have a lot of festivals in the country to praise the almighty Coconut.


Here are some documented festivals according to :

– National Coconut week hosted by the Philippine Coconut Authority

– Kalubihan Festival is celebrated in Guimaras

– Coconut Festival is celebrated in San Pablo, Laguna

– Coco Festival is celebrated in San Teodoro, Oriental Mindoro and in Sarangani

– Sulyog (Suli at Niyog) Festival is celebrated in Bongabong, Oriental Mindoro

– Niyog Festival in Davao Oriental

– Sanggutan Festival celebrates the process of making coconut wine and is held in Barugo, Leyte

– Bagulan Festival celebrates Coconut harvest and held in Paranas, Samar

– Boa-boahan Festival in Camarines Sur commemorates how townfolks survived floods without food and water by feeding on young Coconuts

– Lubi-lubi Festival is held in Leyte, Lanao del Norte and Misamis Oriental


7. Seriously, we have a palace made of Coconut.


And it’s the official of our dear Vice President. Yeah, Binay works here. Good thing is, the palace is open for tours!


8. Coconut milk has always been a part of Filipino cuisine.


We have the term ‘ginataan’ to refer to any dish that has Coconut milk on it. You can add Coconut milk to your utan (vegetable soup), to your tilapia, chicken, binignit and !


9. We love to drink. And guess what…


Lambanog and tuba are made from Coconut. Enough said.


10. And lastly, we’re one of the top producers of Coconut.


Seriously, we used to be the  but now, we’re just behind Indonesia. The Philippines produced  of Coconut just in 2012 alone.

So, are you convinced now?