10 Reasons Why The School Opening Should Never Be Moved To August

June is fine, there’s nothing wrong about having the vacation on the summer months of April and May.
posted on: Wednesday, June 18, 2014
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Some universities have already eyed in shifting the school opening from June to August. According to them, the schedule follows the international academic calendar and allows foreign students to enroll without overlapping with their classes abroad. August is also a month with less typhoons than June.

August my ass.

The class opening has always been June ever since I remembered my grandpa going to school. There’s nothing wrong with it, we started classes when there were typhoons. I am for not shifting the class opening on August for these crucial reasons:

1. Stormy days on June


Stormy days means cold weather.

Schools will definitely save electricity since there’s no need for aircon, just electric fan.

2. August attracts more foreign students


It now coincides with the start of the class in other countries which means more students to saturate the already overpopulated schools.

Unless the government properly use their budget on building more classrooms and not mansions for senators, more students would just make the class less convenient.

3. More foreign students means more use of aircon


We Filipinos can endure heat. We are shaped by heat ever since we were born. Even if there are classes in April and May, most of us can live by electric fans alone. But what about those foreigners who enjoyed their cold weather?

Air-conditioners in classrooms will have to work harder and that means higher pay in electricity.

And who benefits this? Of course, Napoles, I mean, the greedy corporate people.

4. It ruins businesses that rely on the season


If I sold ice candy on summer vacation, then it would not be long before I go bankrupt if there are no more kids in the neighborhood during the summer months.

5. It gives a false sense of being globally-competitive


Being synchronized with the international academic calendar doesn’t mean that we’re already globally competitive.

If they are still people like Juan, Ramon and Mr. Sexy, the budget allotted for improving the current state of our education won’t be properly handled and it would only go to waste.

6. No more summer vacation


May is the best month to go to the beach to ensure you’ll get sunburnt. Say goodbye to the summer months if August would be the opening month.

7. Less storms in August is a lie


According to the , most cyclones occur from July to October. August is not a safe month. Checkmate, Augustinians.

Which also means….

8. More absences


Since August is one of the rainy months, most Filipino kids would get sick because they don’t really eat vegetables and take multivitamins and milk too.

Also, the drainage system in the cities is still not fixed.

9. The students would have nothing to do


If the opening is shifted to August, then there would be four months worth of vacation. Would there be any good effects of having a long vacation?

Nah, these lazy bastards would only be on internet shops all day playing Dota.

10. Filipinos just plainly hate change


OMG, opening the classes on August is just out of my comfort zone and I hate to admit it.

If the universities and other schools would be successful in shifting the opening on August, let’s see if it would bring any positive effects to our already dismal situation.