10 Reasons Why Filipinos Love Manny Pacquiao

He’s not a heartthrob but he’s captured our hearts.
posted on: Saturday, April 12, 2014
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Manny Pacquiao has become a hero and the pride of the Philippines.

Why do we really love him?

Here’s why:

1. He’s a classic example of  the “from rags to riches” story


He earned his success. He didn’t just inherit it from his parents. He worked his way through blood (like literally, he bled), sweat and tears.

Happy ending stories like this becomes an inspiration for every Filipino.

2. He’s humble


Since Manny came from humble beginnings, he doesn’t brag about his success. He’s very down-to-earth that makes him likable. He’s also soft-spoken and and his English is average (“you know”, average). He’s the very opposite of Kris Aquino.

3. He’s makamasa


Manny is very makamasa (for the masses) – he sincerely reaches out to the masses and empathizes with them. The poor come to him and he welcomes them. He easily associates with them since he also came from a destitute family.

4. He can sing


A major major factor. Every Filipino sings and no doubt Pacquiao’s songs have become a part of our usual videoke sessions because the lyrics are relatable. He sings and we sing with him.

5. He shares his blessings to the poor


He never forgets to give balato to his kababayans. How I wish we were neighbors…

6. He dedicates his fights to God and the Filipinos


He prays before and after every fight, and during interviews he never forgets to mention the Filipino people. As a Christian nation, he gives a good example of a maka-Diyos person.

7. He’s proud of his country


Pacquiao bears the Philippine flag on his back, showing to the world how great we Filipinos are!

8. He’s disciplined


It’s evident with the news of him training. He’s very disciplined and never complains about the hardships he undergoes. He knows it’s just a small price to pay for the honor and it brings.

9. He knows how to have a good time


Post-fight concert, nuff said.

10. He’s a world champion


Let’s admit it, he’ll not become as famous as he is now if he didn’t achieve anything.

That’s what makes him great, he’s a world champion and the first one to have eight belts in eight weight divisions.

He’s just so good!

Let’s show our support for his coming fight!

Manny Pacquiao has given his contribution to our country and the least we can do is support him.

Win or lose, let’s celebrate (but definitely, he’ll win)!