10 Reasons Why We Love Our Moms

This Mother’s Day let’s altogether appreciate the light of the home!
posted on: Sunday, May 11, 2014
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It’s mother’s day.

Have you ever thought of your mom lately?

Why don’t you give her a hug or a kiss?

On this special day let’s list the reasons why we love her:

10. She cooks awesome meals


Dinner isn’t dinner if it’s not mom who’s cooking. We first tasted our favorite dish through our mom’s culinary skill.

Some of you might prefer to go to a restaurant when having a dinner date, but mom’s dinner is always the most special one.

9. She’s the budget planner


How many times in our lives when we run out of budget but mom still magically prepares food on our table? Is it really magic or is it utang 5-6? Moms are great at budgeting even if they don’t have formal education in accounting.

8. She’s our first date


No doubt about it. She’s the one who brought us to our first mall shopping, dining in our favorite fast food restaurant and watching our first movie. We may have not realized it when we were young, but she’s a great role model on how to treat our date if you’re a man.

7. She’s our confidante


You might have told her about your first crush.

If your a daughter you run to her to tell her about your first period and she’ll make sure you feel comfortable about your little secrets.

She always seems to be interested in everything we say, no matter how uninteresting they were about.

6. She’s our adviser in anything about life


With her greater experience comes greater wisdom in advising us about dealing with our problems and dilemmas.

Whenever you feel anxious about your upcoming job interview or date, just tell your mom about it and she’ll give you a great advice.

5. She knows how to take care of us


This might sound cheesy but when we’re young it’s our mom who took care of us, cover us in blanket when we sleep and make sure we take our medicine on time when we’re sick. And it’s visible on her face how worried she is when we’re not feeling well.

4. She’s our #1 supporter


When you’re playing for the varsity team there’s always your mom to cheer you. Even her simple cheer gives a better impact than those sexy cheer dancers. Our mom is our number one supporter, sometimes even if we’re on the wrong side. That’s how much she loves us.

3. She’s the one who taught us discipline


Of course there’s also our fathers but let’s save it for Father’s Day. Whenever we make mistakes she’s the one who’ll immediately teach us about values be it through a simple admonition or striking our butts with a stick. Either way she’s taught us a great deal of discipline.

2. She raised us


It’s not just because it is an obligation but because of a powerful feeling called love. Our mom would go through all hardships just to serve us our daily meal and buy our favorite shirt. She’s a part of who we are and what we become in the future.

1. She gave birth to us


The one immutable fact of our life. No matter who you are, even if you’re Jesus, your mother had given birth to you. She carried you for nine months inside her delicate body and endured the great pangs of childbirth just to deliver you into this beautiful world.

Let’s learn to appreciate our mom, mother, mama, nanay, ina or however you call your mom and love them as they love us.

To all the mothers in the world, I raise my glass to you!