10 Reasons Why You Won’t Miss Summer

Yes, some people just hate summer!
posted on: Wednesday, May 28, 2014

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For students, summer is the best time of the year.

For adults like me, day offs are the best part. (Denial mode).

Okay okay! I love summer too!

But there are just some things about it that I won’t miss at all.


1. No allowance!


When I was still a student, I did not receive any allowance during summer because there were no classes. My mum only gave me money if I go to Bohol to visit my relatives and it was just enough to keep me alive. Hehehehe!



2. You don’t have to frequently apply sunscreen anymore.


I bet that you have been to many beaches or have done many outdoor activities this summer, right? I bet you also applied sunscreen because the blistering rays of the sun might darken your skin color, right? Don’t you just hate that sticky feeling after applying it? If classes resume, you don’t have to apply sunscreen that often because majority of your time will now be spent indoors.



3. Frequent sweating


Sweating is our body’s way of keeping our bodies cool. Since summer is naturally hot or humid most of the time, our bodies can’t help but sweat a lot. I can’t stand the humid outside world if there’s no wind!



4. Everyone is happy!


The sun seems to be a major reason for this because people can go anywhere they want if it’s a sunny day! Unfortunately, not all people would want to be surrounded by happy people.



5. It’s noisy!


Some people pump the volume when they listen to music (even if it’s in the wee hours of the morning). Some people chat incessantly. Laughter seems never to stop. Yeah, summer isn’t a season for people who want perpetual silence.



6. Shirtless men!

If they were sexy ladies, I bet you wouldn’t mind. But if the folks are like this…


…or this…


…or this,


I bet you would like summer to end asap!



7. It’s not Christmas!


The weather is cooler. Gifts are everywhere. Everybody seems to be nice. Yeah! Summer is not Christmas (unless you live in Australia)!



8. The summer fiestas!

David BARRIE from Flickr

Summer fiestas in the Philippines are a big challenge for those who are vegetarians or vegans. Most fiesta banquets serve meat, meat, and meat! There seems to be no veggie in sight!



9. Summer jobs


Summer jobs would minimize your time to have fun in summer but if you are looking forward to earning some cash, you have no choice but to keep your job.


10. Being unproductive.


Since there are no classes (applicable to students only), you don’t have to wake up early. But you end up less productive because waking up at a later time means you have less time to accomplish tasks compared to waking up earlier.


That’s our list for today.

How about you? What do you hate about summer?