10 Reasons Why Your Life Will Suck During The First Year After Graduation

Just don’t be too hard on yourself, dude!
posted on: Monday, March 10, 2014
Kevin Maglinte
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So you are finally graduating, after all the tireless sleepless nights! Graduation is certainly going to be a fun cake! Yes, it’s going to be…but after graduation, things could spiral down the drain. Of course, graduation has some cool benefits but life after graduation for some could suck.

1. At this point, you will realize that life will be even harder, knowing that you have more responsibilities for yourself and for your family. It’s going to be a quite different  story if you’re totally rich.

2. Sitting in a classroom is better than sitting behind the desk doing boring menial task.

3. Since you still haven’t found a job, you will do every chore in the house.

4. You won’t often  see your college friends and crushes  anymore (that is, unless he/she is a co-worker).

5. Learning new skills and stuff is going to be hard because of time pressure!

6.  You will miss the sweet little moments while you we were still in school, such as lunch time with friends or PE class or an awesome teacher who taught you good things in life or the morning rush to find your best friend because you forgot  about your homework.

7. Landing a job won’t be easy! Grades may not matter but experience and skills do.

8. That feeling of not knowing what to do after graduation. You will be hounded with scary questions like, “Will I ever get a job?”

9. Expectation versus reality!

10.  With all the worries bugging you, how can you even sleep?

Despite of all the crappy things life throws at you, don’t forget to take a deep breath and carry on. No matter what happens, you achieve something not everyone can achieve. Cheer up, dude! It’s the first year you got out of school so it will probably suck, but it will stop and then you will get well adjusted to life’s challenges and do great things! You’ll even surprise yourself at what you can do, you’ll see.