10 Reasons Why Your Mother Is Always Right

Whether you like it or not, she’s always going to be right, isn’t she?
posted on: Thursday, May 8, 2014

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A few days from now, it’s going to be Mother’s Day.

There’s a saying that goes like this “mother is always right.”

Are they “always” right?

It turns out, they may not be always right but there are many reasons why they can always be right.

As to what the reasons are, here are the thoughts that came to my mind.

1. Because she has “been there, done that.”

Mother and Child by Al Perez (PArtlover on deviantart)

Don’t be a sourpuss! You’re just a cry baby for God’s sake! You still don’t know everything about life. Meanwhile your mom, she has been through a lot of life defining moments and has done many things already.

2. Because she always want what’s best for you.

A Mother’s Love by Nontje Ticoalo (filipinowomenforart.blogspot.com)

Most mothers would love to give everything that’s best to their child so if they’re going to say something and you don’t think it’s right, it’s probably for your own good. Sometimes she doesn’t have to explain it because she just knows.

3. Because she doesn’t like to be wrong.

Mother and Child by Elizabeth Que-Bato (filipinowomenforart.blogspot.com)

Who wants to be wrong anyway? You certainly don’t want to be wrong, right? How much more, your mom!


4. Because she was born on this earth many years before you.

Labor of Love by Connie Nartates (filipinowomenforart.blogspot.com)

Whether you like it or not, she has more life experiences than you do. Your wisdom is not even half of what she already has.


5. Because her mother instinct is a God-given gift.

Mother and Child by G. Banzil (filipinowomenforart.blogspot.com)

According to Merriam-Webster, instinct means something that is done instantly, unconsciously, or without use of decision. It is a mother’s instinct to protect her child from any kind of harm so when your mother said “Don’t go out of the house because it’s already dark,” you probably were born before year 2000. Nyahhh! She just wants to protect you against all the kapres or sigbins out there.

6. Because she is already mentally and emotionally mature.

Mother and Child by James Tan (artsumo.com)

Since she has already gained the wisdom and knowledge through the years, so nine times out of ten, your mother is way mentally and emotionally mature than you are.

7. Because she knows every bit of you.

Mother and Child by Josie L. Chong (Yishichan in devianart)

You are practically an extension of your mother, and your father as well. So technically, your mother knows every part of you. Just remember, you stayed for nine months in her womb. She already knew you before you were born.

8. Because she holds the belt, aside from your dad.

Mother and Child by Isabelo Quiles (heritageartcenter.com)

If Dad’s not around and you’re fooling around, don’t be surprised if your mom ends up being your disciplinarian.

9. Because she’s your ATM.

Mother and Child by Jun Martinez (charliesartgallery.com)

Yes, she definitely holds the keys to your treasury. Don’t make her disappointed or frustrated. She won’t release your allowance for sure!

10. Because she’s the boss!


If she holds the key to your treasury and she is the disciplinarian, she is definitely the boss in the house. And you know what happens if you make the boss mad. All hell breaks loose!

Do you agree with this list?

What other reasons could affirm why mom is always right?

Feel free to leave your comments below.