10 Obvious Signs That It’s Already Christmas In The Philippines

You might have already noticed these signs because Christmas is in the air!
posted on: Tuesday, October 21, 2014
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It’s a common fact that we hold the longest Christmas in the world. The season usually starts on September and ends in January.

But when would you know that it’s already the Yuletide season in the Philippines?


These ten signs will tell you:

1. Check your calendar.


If the name of the month ends in –ber, then yes, it’s Christmas already!

Everyone switch to Yuletide mode now! Are you feeling it?

2. Christmas songs start playing on the radio especially in malls and on TV.


Whether you find it annoying or not, admit that you also sing along with Jose Mari Chan with his famous song, Christmas In Our Hearts.

Did you know that the album Christmas In Our Hearts was considered to be the first album to surpass the Diamond status? It already sold more than 800,000 copies to date.

3. Christmas-themed shows on television and films.


And obviously, there’s always Santa Claus in it. Then he suddenly feels ill. And the protagonist reluctantly replaces him. And in the climax, the protagonist saves Christmas!

4. Vendors start to sell Christmas items.


Santa Claus toys, figurines and whatever Christmas related toys you can think of. But the bestseller would be Santa Caps.

5. The cold days start to come more frequently.


There are only two seasons in the Philippines – the rainy and dry seasons. Well, December falls in the cool, dry season so expect less use of aircon and less electricity bill!

6. THE SALE!!!


December is both the best and worst time for shopping because of Christmas sale. Best because you can buy the cheapest possible price of items you want but worst at the same time because of too many people buying the same limited products!

7. Parol, the symbol of Filipino Christmas, is hung on every houses.


And students usually make one as a school project! A parol is usually made from bamboo strips and papel de Hapon.

Did you know that the word parol comes from the Spanish word ‘farol’ which means lantern?

8. Colorful lights cover every homes you pass by.


And you can buy one all around the city! Just make sure the Christmas lights you buy have passed Quality Control!

9. One by one they start to sing. Carollers all the way!


Hate them or love them, you can’t stop them from carolling in front of your house!

Giving them 1 peso might be rude, 5 pesos is satisfactory but you can give them 500 pesos and they won’t complain!

10. Christmas Tree on everybody’s house, on malls and everywhere!


A Christmas tree is one of the most popular Christmas symbols in the world and it would be a crime not to put up one in your house.

Christmas trees come in different designs and if you’re tight with your budget, you can design your own using wood and cotton!


Do you feel it already? What I mostly anticipate during Christmas is the 13th month pay!