10 Signs That Show You Are Hopelessly Addicted To Flappy Bird

If you get 10 out of 10 from this checklist, better enroll yourself in a Flappy Bird Rehabilitation Program.
posted on: Wednesday, February 12, 2014

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Whether you hate it or love it, the Flappy Bird game app has become viral, even to the point of becoming so addictive to many  users. So, what are the signs that you need to check before you turn yourself in to the Flappy Bird Rehabilitation Center? This is the checklist for the various signs and symptoms of your addiction.

1. Your phone is broken.

broken phone


You tapped your phone so hard that the screen is split into pieces!

2. Your fingers are inflamed!

inflamed finger


Too much tapping, I guess?

3. You have been playing it for more than 8 hours!

playing for hours on a game


You just can’t accept the fact that your highest score is seven.

4. You lost your job but you are still happy.

got a high score in flappy bird


You got a high score and that is enough good news for you. To hell do you care about being fired, right?

5. Once you start flapping, there’s no stopping.

once you flap, you can't stop


6. You break into tears if you can’t get past the score of 6.



Because you want to beat the highest score of your friends and get all the bragging rights!

7. The life that you knew just ended!

Flappy Bird comment


You’re so dedicated to the game that you lost your social life.

8. You want to outdo your highest score or the score of your friends!

Flappy Bird high score


It’s such a relief to see your score increase with each passing hour, right?

9. You enjoy seeing Flappy Bird bump into the green tubes.

Flappy Bird almost bumping into the green tube


You’re a bit of a sadist, aren’t you?

10.  You enjoy seeing Flappy Bird die!

dead Flappy Bird


You hate and love this bird at the same time that seeing it die gives you euphoria!

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