10 Signs That You are Excited for School to Start

Wanna have the first day high?
posted on: Sunday, June 8, 2014

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For some, school has already started.

For others, they still have barely a week to enjoy the last days of summer vacation.

While some students dread the thought of going back to school, some of them are actually pretty excited for it to open.

How do you determine if a student is excited to go to school?

You just need to take a look at this checklist made up of ten items.

If YOU earn a score of more than 5, that would mean YOU are excited.




1. You have already shopped for school supplies.


You have already listed the needed requirements for school and you have already completed your checklist while you were shopping for supplies in the mall. It would have been cheaper if you will shop for school stuff in the downtown area. You can even haggle the price if you will buy wholesale!



2. Your bag is full of new or recycled supplies and it’s ready for school (one week before it will actually start).


Your bag maybe brand new or just newly-washed (I think it’s a waste of money to buy a school bag every year, especially if your bag is very strong and sturdy.) Since you already bought some supplies, you’d start arranging them in your bag and after that, you keep on looking at your bag at a distance, as if it was a work of art (this is where the sound of Alleluia should come out). Oh! The feeling of accomplishment is just priceless!



3. You have a newly made or bought uniform and you keep on fitting it in front of the mirror. Take a selfie perhaps?


Yep! Brag about your new and cool school uniform. Post it on every social media platform you know. Don’t forget the hashtag!



4. What’s new uniform without new socks and shoes? Yeah!


If your parents can afford it, ask for new shoes and socks if you’ve got a new pair of uniform.



5. Since we are in the age of social media, you’re posting you’re heart out on how excited you are!


Yes! Join the various on social media platforms. Don’t forget to post selfies!



6. You are already writing a script to introduce yourself to your classmates or just excited to introduce yourself. Hehehe!


Imagine yourself saying this in front of the whole class. “My name is …………. Junior.”

Looks like you will need a bigger nametag.



7. You are already daydreaming about your school crush or you are looking forward to having a new crush!


Doing this will make your first day in school so much bearable.



8. You can’t wait to meet your entire barkada again!


School will never be fun without friends, right?



9. You and your friends are already planning where to have fun after the first day of school.


The sight of your alma mater’s building might make you puke (because you still can’t get over the fact that vacation is OVER) on the first day. It would be better to hang out somewhere else after day one’s over.



10. On the first day of school, you woke up earlier than your alarm clock!


You just can’t wait to go to school!


So, how did you score using this checklist today?

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