10 Simple Tips To Nail Your Job Interview

Preparing for a job interview? Don’t worry, all will be well when you follow these tips.
posted on: Monday, May 26, 2014
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The internet is vast and full of good and bad tips.

I’ve compiled some simple tips from your internet buddies to help you nail your job interview.

Happy job hunting everyone!

1. Be early


The early bird catches the worm.

Arrive early in the location, even if you have to wait for an hour. If the interviewer happens to pass by, say “Hi!”. It adds pogi points even if you are yet to be interviewed.

2. Be friendly


Be friendly to the interviewer and make sure to maintain eye contact and smile. Just make sure not to look creepy when you do it.

3. Say “Yes”


Not “yeah”, “yep” or any gangsta variation of the word “yes”. Just “yes”.

4. Don’t look at the interviewer’s cleavage


Especially if the interviewer is a man.

5. Turn off your phone


It might ring during your interview. You don’t want your interviewer to hear your corny ringtone, right?

6. Don’t ask about the salary


You would only turn out as a money-grubbing arsehole without a single care about your job.

7. Speak slowly and clearly



Don’t speak like your mouth is a goddamn machine gun. You’ll look like you’re colon is about to burst.

8. Dress smart and shave


Put on clean and ironed clothes. Black looks good on any occasion. Don’t wear sleeveless shirt and shorts. Polish your shoes.

Also if you have a beard, you better shave it (this applies to men and women. Yeah, woman!).

9. Do not be scared of failure


If you failed, don’t stress yourself and just forget it.

If you feel better, analyze why you failed. If you did well and didn’t get it, there was probably someone better.

Tip from Ate Charo.



Never smoke before your job interview.

Smoking may not bring you to hell, but it will make you smell like you’ve been there.

If you are under stress, just chew menthol chewing gum.

If all else fail, just try and try until you die.

There’s nothing wrong with failure. If you ever get the job, then congratulations!

Have other tips?

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