10 Stuff You Probably Hate About Mondays Now That Class Is Starting

Class is back!
posted on: Saturday, January 11, 2014
Kevin Maglinte
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AAAHHH ! MONDAYS! Who loves Mondays? Not only does it mark the end of the weekends, it can make you say s@#t, right? So here are 10 things you probably hate about Mondays now that class is starting:

1. Morning class!

2. Unfinished assignments that you probably forgot!

3. Seeing that boring old professor of yours!

4. Can’t sleep whenever you want, can’t wake up whenever you want!


5. The almost endless movie/TV marathon is over!


6. The fact that you need to lose some weight!


7. The fact that it takes another year for another awesome Christmas holiday!


8. The traffic!


9.  Unprepared classmates!


10. More boring hours to come!

Cheer up! At least, Sinulog is coming! So what are some of the things you hate about Mondays?