10 Surefire Ways On How Not To Sleep During A Prayer Vigil on Holy Week

You can do a combo of things from the list to keep you awake, just to be sure.
posted on: Thursday, April 17, 2014
Kevin Maglinte
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Lent is almost here and if you’re a pious Catholic, chances are you will be attending a prayer vigil. Let’s face it, in this kind of event, many of us get sleepy.

You may have different reasons for being sleepy…like you had a rough day at the office or you didn’t get enough sleep because you watched your favorite TV show all night long.

I have here some tips on how to stay awake during a prayer vigil on Holy Week.

1. Get enough sleep

Get a good night sleep so you won’t feel tired. If you can’t fall asleep, try imagining sheeps and count them.

2. Drink coffee or energy drink before you go.


These drinks will stimulate your body. By then, you’ll be ready to hear what the priest will say!

3. Eat chocolate.


4. Chew gum. Fast.


5. Bring cold water.


You can drink it or splash it on your face. Either way, it can keep you awake.

6. Stretch and move around.


Stretching improves blood circulation. Get out of the pew and start dragging your legs if you’re starting to fall asleep.

7. Don’t sit on a comfortable position.

Sit straight and try not to put your back on the backrest.

8. Slap yourself or let others slap you.

9. Put matchsticks on your eyelids to keep it open

10. Fake eyes

What can you add? :)