10 Things Cebuanos Do On An Ordinary Day (Part 2)

You’re a Cebuano if you’ve done one of these things.
posted on: Tuesday, July 15, 2014
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An ordinary day in Cebu can be both mundane and interesting.

What do Cebuanos usually do in an ordinary day?

Here are some of them:

1. Eating puso and barbecue using only bare hands on a daily basis.

Flickr | George Parrilla

2. Loaning some P.O. (Pala Otang?) cards from your neighbor and use it for shopping on Sundays.


3. Watching either Leo Lastimosa or Bobby Nalzaro on T.V. (Or Glenn Soco if you prefer TV5).

panoramio.com | philstar.com

4. Catching a glimpse of this uniform… everywhere.


5. Getting stuck in traffic because of simultaneous road repairs.

Cebu Daily News

6. Taking a nap on a wooden bench outside your house on a hot afternoon.


7. Praying to Sto. Niño not for material things but for ‘maayong panglawas’ (good health).


8. Passing by famous landmarks everyday without noticing them (Fuente Osmeña, Marcelo Fernan Bridge, etc.).

tripnatripkoto.com, photo by Lester James

9. Going to the market to buy ‘fresh’ fish/beef/pork. Bonus points if you go to Carbon Market.


10 Going to U.K. (ukay-ukay) to shop some used but branded clothing.


What about you?  What Cebuano things do you do on an ordinary day?